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I'm pleased to share that I have begun to take a few steps towards desensitizing my hearing when I am at home. I no longer sleep with both earplugs in, and can wake up and spend a few minutes not wearing it. I remove one earplug when I'm at the computer. I listen to music softly for a few minutes a day, and sometimes my white noise machine actually doesn't drive crazy.

I've not ventured into urban streets without the plugs - the cacophony of loud sounds - motorcycles, car radios blasting, sirens, train horns blaring, and just too darn much traffic are things I can't face yet. Same goes for restaurants and Peet's - I took both plugs out as a test amidst a full house at Peet's and the noise level and variety of sounds sent me straight to flight reflex, so I reinserted the plugs immediately!

Telephones are the worst because they amplify sound and that of course happens right up against my ear. To add to the impossibility of the situation, when I call my mother each day, her voice quickly becomes  soft and raspy because she is in an advanced stage of Parkinson's.  So I have to remove an earplug and crank up the volume on my phone in order to have (if I'm lucky ) a five minute conversation with her. Meanwhile the static and all the other sounds phone lines make have me jumping out of my chair. I have tried every combination and kinds of phones and only one of the "special phones on a landline" are able to make her voice clear. Hell of a choice, talk to my mother daily as she has only a couple of years more to live and "blow out" my ears, or protect ears and not talk to mother. I've made my choice and will take good care of my hyperacute hearing when I'm not on the phone.  Sigh....


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I always use my cell phone and land phone in speaker phone mode, never directly on my ear.

Mad-Queen, I'm glad you are taking some steps in the right direction.  Just starting to take control of my H helped me to feel better.  From this forum you can see that everyone's T/H is unique.  Mine responded to my conscience efforts to not be angry at the sounds and the situation.  That is still a major part of my therapy and it continues to give me improvement.

Have you tried cutting plain ear plugs in half?  When my H was its worse (a few years ago) I would often wear cut-up ear plugs.  Some were cut in half and some were cut other ways to best fit my ears (which are not the same physical size, left is larger).  A partial ear plug lets in a little more sound.  Partial ear plugs helped me to slowly stop wearing them most of the time.  To this day I still carry a set of ear plugs at all time (cut and uncut), but I rarely wear them.  There are also more expensive ear plugs with differing sound ratings, but carefully cutting plain ones worked for me.


Mark Bergemann
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