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hi guys, my onset was almost a month ago and there hasn't been any improvement in my H. i would consider it sevre as i cannot drive with the windows up without pain. i can hardly tolerate tv at low volumes. I am willing to dedicate 18 months to trt. I feel it is my only hope to gain back my tolerance to sound. Do you think i should be trying this asap? i have an audiologist appointment on Monday! they are experienced in dealing with hyperacusis and TRT. 

i hardly get aural fullness now unless exposed to loud sounds
my main symptoms are the following:
-loudness discomfort (of course)
-burning ear feeling when exposed to sounds (this feeling can last hours)

-some sharp pains sometimes that feel like a spark when exposed to sounds
i use earplugs outside the home while driving or restaurants, but not while at home or certain stores. 

i am 22 years of age and i have a whole life to live. I had a good sales job prior to this so the cost is not the issue. i am willing to invest whatever it takes to get my life back! i am trying to cope with this and i could greatly use some encouragement! please help me with advice, thank you!

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do if u didnt do tlll now:
hearing tests from 0 to 20000hz:
1. srt and pure tones,
2 .ldl ir tol-its the same test with other words,its mean tolerance to hyperacusis oer some frequncies.
3 .timponometry
4.aciustic creflexs
5. 2 types oae or 3 type,2 types are: peoae dpoa
6.bera (abr)u cant do if your ldl are 75 db spl or l ess -even in 1 frequncy of the bera. from what u wrote-its seemed that u cant .not all the pkaces there id bera under 75 or 60db this state is a crime for the hyperacusis suffers!!!!! couse than u could see maiby,where id the priblem in the nerve hearing system. type of deep scan of ct or mri would help u if its from acoustic truma*,
if u have problems with your visual and headheches type migrane and the his only on one side -u need to think on one side of acoustic nairumaand fix it emdiatly couse it couse hearing loss that can be from minor to hard type,u wiil be seen niruotolog ,and its good state,couse the h could be fixed,but not the h loss...sorry.
else:if all acoustic truma,and all those tests without bera (It is a horrible, horrifying and horrifying situation and a horrible criminal to us in terms of the global health system) , for the most part, according to human brain studies, this is
or neuronal nerve injury, neural synapses or damaged auditory fibers whose pre-operative injury location could be performed according to Berea Wave Indicator Also, brain injury is involved in a number of brain levels in three floors of auditory brain. So where are you from in the world, and how did you become hyper? Do you also have tinnitus? Why is there no Whatup group for our situation, worth it? dont take no ssri drug!its wont help u,It will cause harm, so do not be tempted by the lies of the "doctors"! Pay attention to the corona, what are the faces of some of the doctors !!!
keep in touch,fr....

I am ht

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I put off doing TRT for a long long time and I got worse. I did the avoidance, I did the oh it's in my mind, go and just be normal, ha, that sure didn't work. Finally after researching very thoroughly, I ended up flying across the country to the best TRT Clinican. She is now retired but oh how that helped. I also researched for a follow up visit as I didn't want to fly across country for just a check-up and mostly a Loudness Tolerance Test someone on my part of the country who knew about Hyperacusis. The Tinnitus Association sent me a list and from there I interviewed a number of people on the list. Some didn't have a lot of experience, some did but I selected someone a couple of hours away from me, this would have been I think a year or so after my TRT and I graduated. Oh boy was that neat. Every year I have my ears checked and I insist upon a loudness tolerance test. I did falter a bit for a couple of years but the last time was again in the "normal" range. TRT was the best thing I did! But be careful who you go through, also for me I wanted to make sure I did the Jastreboff model and needed someone very experienced.

Jane Parks-McKay
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