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Hi, I made an account so I can post here because I've noticed an increased sensitivity to sound starting last Saturday night. I am recovering from a fungal ear infection in my right ear (with a perforated eardrum) and it's been okay so far and healing well (per my ENT). However, last Saturday, as I was lying in bed, I suddenly felt as if the motorcycles and other sounds from outside our house were a bit louder than usual and I felt as if the inside of my left ear is vibrating from said noises. I am a bit worried since my left ear was my "good ear" during the months when I was having an ear infection. Could it be hyperacusis or am I just being overly anxious from my perforated eardrum? I've always been a bit of an anxious person, especially when it comes to my health. It may be important to mention that I'm not experiencing any pain in that ear and I can tolerate sounds, they just seem so loud all of a sudden. I also have tinnitus in my right ear only, but that's understandable since my eardrum has a hole in it.

Thank you.

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No worries, hoss. You may very well be fine, but I highly recommend you speak with an audiologist. You don't sound like you have abnormal symptoms, but, by all means, you should check and make and sure. Do you have access to an audiologist near where you live?

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I would echo shattered comments.  Considering the issues you have had with your ear infection/perforated eardrum your focus strongly focused on your hearing.  Anxiety makes everything worse with most problems we experience.  I am confident that things will settle down.  For now, do things that take your mind off your ears and help you relax.  For me, I have always turned to God and soft music. 

[wave] Dan

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I agree with what everyone has to say and in these challenging times, we often don't hear about the Big Guy upstairs. We should as that is the answer. Nobody can do this thing called life by themselves, nobody.

Yes, by all means see a good Audiologist who knows about the issues you are talking about. I found a good one for my Hyperacusis follow-ups on the west coast by calling the Tinnitus Association, I'm assuming they are still in Portland, OR, you'll still have to make some calls or emails or texts to find out if they work with what you are needing or how much experience but it shortcuts it quite a bit.

Sending very special thoughts your way. I'm afraid we can all identify.

Jane Parks-McKay

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Hi,  When I first encountered Hyperacusis, I also was quite concerned, and shrank from any apparent threat of a repeat of that experience (but I did have many repeats, and still do) but it was when I watched, listened, and talking to my Dr  that I tried to understand what was happening.  This helped quite a lot and gradually things started to fall into place.  I still live "on edge" as to when, where or from, the next "trigger" is coming from.  All I know, is with a certainty, that it will happen time and time again.  OI wish you well, and I will be keeping an eye out to see your progress.
joe mc gahan
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