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Hello All, 

New to this network. I've read through dozens of your posts, and I feel very blessed to have found this community. Im going to abstain from sharing my backstory at the moment, but will definitely do so sooner then later. Just know: your success stories and the information I've gathered have been extremely helpful for me as someone who is, as Im sure so many of you are, a musician battling the complexities of this affliction. 

I've visited a grand total of 1 MD / Audiologist in the Los Angeles area since my condition started, but my intuition tells me he is not the right fit for me. Im looking for a doctor or treatment center that has the knowledge, passion, and technology to treat my hyperacusis with an uncommonly high level of detail and commitment. Google searches for "audiologists in LA", bring about results clearly aimed for the mature, hard of hearing, and less so for musicians battling tinitus / hyperacusis. 

During my last hearing exam, my audiologist only tested 7 or 8 frequency bands starting at 100, and ending at 8k. As someone who's livelihood depends on his ability to actively listen and analyze sound, I would feel a lot more confident with a practitioner who can give me more complex and detailed feedback. 

Another reason Im looking for someone else is that I simply did not get a great energetic reading for this particular doctor, and felt his motivations were less then ideal. I didn't feel supported during our meetings, and I felt rushed. If I am to engage in cognitive behavioral therapy with someone, I need to trust them and know that were in this together... that there is more to the relationship then a simple transaction. 

So, can any of you recommend some doctors or treatment centers? Ideally in Cali / LA, but ill travel if need be. Mayo clinic is somewhere I've been looking into, as they seem to be on the cutting edge, but I still want to explore my options. 



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Not sure about the specifics of your hearing problem but if the problem is hyperacusis/tinnitus you might pay a visit to Dr. Sol Marghzar who has offices in Beverly Hills and Culver City. Marghzar is trained in the TRT method and, of course, is an audiologist and offers the usual range of testing. As you may know by now, there are believers and non-believers in the TRT method. It is expensive and the course demands committment over a long term. But if you're interested in that approach--and it will do no harm to check it out with Marghzar--then give him a try.    

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Check with the Tinnitus Association out of Oregon, likely they have a list of TRT Specialists in particular, you'll still have to call the ones you are interested and ask key questions. For me, since I needed a west coast TRT person I inquired about how much TRT they did and whether they were trained by P. Jastreboff, there were a few. the person I selected was in the East Bay (Castro Valley)  of the San Francisco Bay area and she was starting to do Neuromonics which does not work with Hyperacusis but she was very well informed and had done a lot of TRT. I now work with just an Audiologist once/year and get a hearing test and keep track of my Loudness Tolerance through a test, that and my symptoms. 

I did travel back east to get TRT, I ended up going to the top person and was helped greatly and then like I said patchwork the remaining of my care for TRT, cognitive behavioral therapy etc. here in CA.

Jane Parks-McKay
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