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Lately I've been to two doctors within this month, and I am personally annoyed with the constant referalls. I have not met a doctor who is familiar with hyperacusis, which is dissapointing. Onto my question now..


As for me, people talking hurts my ears;People whispering even hurts my ears as well. Does anyone else suffer from pain by people just whispering?


Also, I am sure I have hyperacute hearing and SSSS, is this common; or possible?

(High frequencies hurt my ears with a sharp pain, and I have many common SSSS intolerable sounds.)


(P.S. I have many more things that hurt my ears, I just thought I'd ask for this specific one.)


[Mathematical question; What are the chances of having hyperacusis?

Ones states that there are 50 million tinitus pts. one also states 5 million tinitus pts on this site. 8% of all tinitus pts. have hyperacusis apparently.

6.25 million people have hyperacusis or 625,000.

Is this for America, or the entire world?

For the world that would 6,250,000/3,000,000,000, or 625 people/300,000 people have hyperacusis?


I mean that isn't really that rare at all..Do I have the right facts?]


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Whispering is a problem for me to.  I think it is because then I have to strain to hear.
My hyperacusis makes me incredibly tired, my conscious brain is flooded with all those sounds that should be filtered out first. 
Whispering & soft speech with lots of background noise are excruciating because my sub conscious mind does no sound filtering, the voices and the background noise are given the same priority when they are fed through to me.   I have to consciously pick out each word from the background.  Unbelievably tiring, a few minutes of that and I need an hours rest.

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Another consideration  is that whispering, in contrast to full voice sound production,  tends to be very sharp, hissy, somewhat metallic tonally  --

and, of course, much higher pitched.


I find that those extremely unpleasant qualities almost always cancel out

the benefit from the lower decibel level.  It really depends, though, on the tonal quality of the particular "whisperer."  Some more low pitched

ones are easier on my ears.


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Also, another question;

I had been lately for the last two months are so find myself much more annoyed with even T.V. I couldn't help but notice that certain programming has different sound quality and acts with my hyperacusis. I love watching Court TV, yet the sound quality when it comes to people's voices seems as if they are in my living room. It had only been yesterday when I was trying to do homework with the TV on, and lost my temper (because of the TV) and chucked my favorite pencil at the TV, and broke my pencil.


Other quality TV shows don't even seem to bother me at all, although many commercials do. Anyone know why this is?

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