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Having had hyperacusis and bad ear pain for almost 3 months now I have grown even more tensions in my neck than I already had in the first place.
Just before starting TRT therapy the other day I thought I would try and relax my neck stiffness and went to somebody that I understood would concentrate on the tensions in my neck.

But then she started touching some pressure points under my ears that immediately caused a pain attack in the ears and now, some 9 days later my ears are so sore that I still haven´t been able to use the sound generators I finally got for the TRT treatment.

Unable to explain why these pain would last for so long after her treatment, she still claims that this Scalp massage/pressure point treatment (I don´t have the correct English word) would be all I need to get rid of my hyperacusis.

So my question is: Has anybody out there tried this treatment for H,
has anybody had any pain relief from this and
has anybody got serious setbacks as a result of this kind of treatment?

I am quite worried now because my right ear that had become much better is now all screwed up with pain and sensitivity.


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