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15 months ago I had a concussion. Since then I have T and H. It's making me suicidal. I stopped going out because traffic sirens would hurt me. Today I had to bear those sirens for almost 20 minutes and ran away from that spot feeling miserable . I feel fullness in ears and very nauseous after the incident. Scared that I will have louder T and worsened H in a day or two. I can't live like this I feel like giving up. I don't have any knowledge about Hyperacusis I am new to this board. Please tell me what should I do its making me suicidal and depressed . I still feel nauseous a lot. I have become dangerously obsessed with what I have lost as a part of me , if you understand. Even though I may not have H and T so bad , my obsession and constantly thinking about it is making things worse

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Others here will have much better advice to give than I, but rest assured that many of us have felt very similarly to what you are describing here.  For what its worth, at least know that you are not alone.

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It sounds like it may be anxiety causing you to react badly to the hyoeracusis and tinnitus. If you can get help for your anxiety it will probably help reduce the effects of the T and H. Do not be embarrassed to ask a dr or therapist for help with it.
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