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I jumped into self pink noise therapy over a month ago.  I felt I was ready to progress to the next level soon, but two weeks ago reactive tinnitus started to creep in. This has been all recent in my life, due to noise exposure 2-3 months ago.  My question, how do I go about pink noise therapy if I also have this reactive tinnitus at the same time?  If I boost the gain of pink noise (say after a month), then the tinnitus will react. 

I am back down to a quiet volume, set below my tinnitus.  But should I push it higher even if it makes my tinnitus louder.  I'm under the impression I should set the volume slightly louder, about every month, as long as it seems ok.

Yes I should see an audiologist, but the US health system is very slow.  I need to humor doctors first with putting up with their ignorance and nonsense.  
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