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Hey everybody,

I was wondering if someone could relate the steps to import or convert the Pink Noise CD to an Ipod without changing it or affecting the sound. I know Rob explained it briefly to me, but I want to make sure I am doing it right.

I basically opened up my iTunes and inserted the CD and I was prompted whether I wanted to import the track to my library and I selected Yes.  I hope thats all I needed to do.

If someone could let me know if there is another way to do it, it would be appreciated. Thanks!



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I just ripped it with Windows media player and then copied it to my ipod(clone) as a .wmv file.  Worked fine for me not sure if there's a better way or not. 

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TN and Suomi -

Here is what Rob posted about this on 4/28/06 in the thread entitled "New broadband pink noise CD."

The file which contains the pink noise has an associated track identifier, as Dan requested, so it can be downloaded to an iPod.  If you plan to download the pink noise to an iPod, pay particular attention to the following.
For technical reasons, no hyperacusic should ever work with pink noise which has been converted to an MP3 file.  Why?  When it is converted to this format, all frequencies above 13,000 Hz will be lost.  Far more important, to compensate for the loss of high-end frequencies, those frequencies around 8000 Hz will be significantly louder in the MP3 format.  This is known as emphasis.  Working with pink noise that was converted to an MP3 file will enhance the very frequencies most hyperacusics find so problematic.  Don't do it.  Instead, make sure to convert the pink noise to the WAV or AIFF audio formats.  The iPod supports both formats.


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