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What else is there but to find a way....


In this - we just have to be ever thankful for, and keep encouraging Marsha Johnson who keeps her brain open - never stands still in learning - is continually looking through all doors of possibilities realizing that everything changes and that there will be a cure.   

Yes - the net is fantastic isn't it.  Is about noon now and I have been on the Mekong all morning since 6 am. and am just beat .... and a nice cool and quiet place is an internet cafe herein Can Tho.  I am headed for the Cambodian border tomorrow.

Take care lady.

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Hi Liam, ((( Smiles )))

Leah would love this if she hasen't allready read this site..
I've been reading about industrial age mercury..
Mercury pollution attributed to industrial activity but find that
it also goes way back in medicine and time..

History and use of mercury for millennia..
 "Birth of Greek God mercury "
A statue even I think Leah would appreciate the pole the statue is holding..

But as you noted  I wrote...

What else is there but to find a way..

I meant a way to somehow adapt and live with it..
That my children can too in someway / in our relationship..
I know to much now to go back to my years of total non questioning trust.

Thats totally gone for me now and other parents and grandparent and family
members that are effected with the 1 and 500 situation as well..
I can't go back to where I was back then...
I've been changed by this expirence..
I hope to heal up more someday..
But I can't forgive or forget at this time..
As there is no repentence or accountabilty at this time / for me to do so..
As it still goes on....

If thats what you thought I meant by what I wrote..
To me what happened to the pink disease babies and children is an evil..
That someone had to stop and get that produce off the market..
Not to just forgive or forget but to carry on under all pressures and
disbelief untill the product was no more damaging children..

I mean from the studies of Japan and Iraq..
Demostrated that neurotoxicity is the health effect of the greatest concern when methylmercury exposures occur to the developing fetus and developing brain..

They know this for a fact...
Why shoot it into infants bodies starting anywhere from at birth..
Then at  1 to 2 months.
Then again at 4 to 5 months..

With probably shots inbetween..

Then again expecially if they get flu shots and then theirs other kinds
of shots like menigitis then again when they hit 5 so they can go to 
kindergarden it's just to much of a toxic load..

I've been reading that some parents now wait untill their baby's are much older and the immune system is more developed before they will expose
them to the risks.. 
Then they decided what that consist's of.. 

And mercury mess's with the auditory system it just does..
And mercury travels far in the air and effects us all...
Into our water supply and food..

Just doing all that research and reading up all I have on it.
Shows their is a big concern for alot of people out there..
It's a big environmental problem..
And mess's with nature alot..
A man made mess that effects us all....

And I do also hope Marsha will return as alot people really
liked the help she gave other's over the years....

It's just too bad it came to that..
Hurt feelings/ bad feelings..
I just new it would happen..
I saw it comeing...
I wish it never happened like that..
I just don't know how long that will take to heal..

I just don't know...

Take Care


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Hi Liam, ((( Smiles ))))

And yes..


In this - we just have to be ever thankful for, and keep encouraging superbly qualified posters such as Marsha Johnson who keeps her brain open - never stands still in learning - is continually looking through all doors of possibilities realizing that everything changes and that there will be a cure.   

Things are allways changeing we need to try to not lose all hope and try
to carry on..  In the pursuit of a cure for whatever ails us..
That possibilty by keeping the door open..
That maybe some day.....

" Today changes must come fast ; and we must adjust our mental habits,
 so that we can accept comfortably the idea of stopping one thing and   beginning another overnight....

We must assume that there is probably a better way to do almost everything."

---  Donald M Nelson---

Take Care


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Yes... ((( Smiles )))

What you wrote right there..
Thats what I'm hopeing...

Rob wrote..


Perhaps Marsha is dipping her toe in once again before returning to offer support 

Take Care


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Oh plus, (((( Smiles ))))

Have fun on your trip...
You truely do lead an exciting life...
I've never been to thoses places...
Been to Mexico though....
It's a beautifull country to visit..
Sun and fun....
But I think pretty much we all would like Marsha to come back..
In the way it use to be...
Like it allways was over the years before...  

Take Care


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Photophobia.... ((( Smiles )))

I've been reading the board and I've seen the word photophobia being
mentioned ..

I've seen the word photophobia being used in the past as well.. 

I've allso seemed to notice more of a decline in my vision with H
and since I didn't go out much or at all with my H with the worst of...

Plus I wore sunglass's when I did.. And a coat/ hood or hat to kind of
cover my muffs/ or bose..
And being inside alot with not really going out in the sun..
could cause one to more sensitive when one does get out into the sun as well... 

The eyes need to adjust yet...
If a person search's on photophobia and mercury toxicity a person
can find alot on it..

As in writteing the heavy metals and ear disease thread as I did..
I mean because of my expirence with H.. and T..
I've looked into so much and when it comes to whats going on in the
world right now in pollution of exposures..

One just never knows what may be a contributing factor..
Anythings possible in this world..
Thats what I've found..
But on this like..
It has an X-ray of what mercury looks like in the lungs..
Also one with acute eczema...

Plus.. a picture of pink disease..
Mercury has been found in Egyptian tombs indicating....
It was used as early as 1500 BC..
Who knows it may go even further back then that..
There has been alot of lost history but that doesn't mean..
It didn't go way back in time beyond even longer ago ... 

Take Care


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Hi Dan, ((( Smiles ))))

I was reading your post....


Thought some might like to see some of the symptoms of individuals with Aspergers Syndrome according to Wikipedia...

And I thought what an interesting post...
Some of thoses symptoms you posted...
and you know I have autistic twins as well..
But as school is out for one and about for the other..
And as weekends I'm mostly off now...
I thought I'd just bring this back up in case...
So I can add to it later.... (((( Smiles )))
Thank You....

Take Care


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Oh Yes.. ((( Smiles )))

Sometimes I have said in the past that I would get back too a thread..
A subject of interest...But I never did get back to it..
And I've forgotten what it was by now..
Oh.. The sorry face doesn't work anymore..
I don't know why it doesn't work but...
Sometimes I have said that I'll get back to something..
and I eventually forget ... Sorry to all I have forgot out there.. 
But I mean well.... I meant too..

But Yes...
It was Liam... Who mentioned haveing this as well..
Synesthesia.. Interesting..  
I remember and it was on this thread..
Raefactor wrote on another thread...
That caught my eye...


but considering that I also have synesthesia and sensory processing issues I'm not overly surprised to learn this is what I have.

Take Care


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Hi Fluffybunny, (((( Smiles ))))

Yes.. Here it is.. 

Brainchild Nutritionals...........

Enzyme Stuff... Serotoin... Sensory Issues and Gut..

New Beginnings Nutritionals...

Amino Acids.. Enzymes.. Immune Support..
X lear Nasel Wash.......

Invision Power Board Brainchild Nutritionals and NAC

Extra Neurological and Metabolic Support

Ultra Sensitive Mineral and Vitamin Formula....

Immune Support... Sleep Support.. Antioxidants...

Great Plains Labatory
Scientific Analysis Available..... in English

Please Select Your Language... Helping Children and Adults
Reach Their Potential 

Take Care


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Hi Tierd, ((( Smiles )))

I believe you... I really do...
I believe you in what you observed happening to your child...
Abonormality sound sensitivity problems...
And problems with the hearing, neurological and the brain..
Central nervous system...
Thats what mercury exposure in babies and children can cause..
Therefore the pink disease babies...
They got it worse... exposure's of the worst kind..
Adults can get brain damage ect...
For children.. Babies.. The consequencies are far worse as they are
developing.. Adults have allready developed...
Babies and children have not...

Take Care


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I can't believe what I read but there it is.. (((( Smiles ))))

An articule in the newspaper....
About airport officals offering flu shots for it's passengers..
It reads part of what I've been trying to say why I think it is not a
good idea to do.. Especial with H... Or maybe even T...
For a reason.. Not just like because of autoimmune disorders and the
other stuff the pink disease child came down with and also as adults..
I mean thats bad enough but..
Then there's neurological problems and then theres the brain...
Of course this articule doesn't go far enough but hey!
I take what I can get.. I've read whats contained in thoses shots..
And mercury is a neurotoxin and thats not all thats in there....
But I guess if someone else says it.. It makes a difference....

It reads... The shots are not for everybody, however ..
People who are allergic to eggs should not get the shot, because it is
incubated, in an egg embryo, and it also could EXABERATE NEUROLOGICAL
DISORDERS, said Patti Doleschal, a registered nurse at the clinic...

Well.. I gues that could go for my autistic children as well..
Not a good idea.. I think I'll keep the articule and frame it....
The Associated Press contributed to this story...
I just want to say.. Thank You Patti it stopped short but..
it's good enough for me...

Take Care


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Hi Liam, (((( Smiles ))))

I don't see how it could not effect your hyperacusis sense's..
As I read that people with Synesthesia hear things differently then others..
And with hyperacusis one hears things differently in the first place..
And it's a joining of the senses...
And sounds have colors and sounds with hyperacusis are dramatic...
How would that work???

Plus.. Hyperacusis can be required as a result of damage to the brain or the
neurological system.. There has been a few people with this condition who
have H who have showed up on the board before..

Do you think  that when one has Synesthesia a persons condition
can be more neurological based then another....

Is your hyperacusis more neurological based and thats why its the way it
is like ebbeing and flowing with changeing from worse to better???

For such along time as you came down with hyperacusis way before I did??

When it comes to the brain filter for you.....
How much you can take then you can't take in the way of sound...

I wonder if someone who has autism or other neurological disorders can be
more prone to getting a more neurological based case of hyperacusis under
the right conditions of....

A noise trauma or certain medications ect....
So your condition is probably more neurologically based so for you..
Is this as good as it can get for you???

In functioning though at certain times with sound calorie intake...
You can travel and function pretty well...

I know in certain neurological conditions a person can hold it together
but it takes alot of strength to do so then the symptoms can come back
extra strong...

As I was watching this talk show with this girl had MS and she says it 
doesn't look like I have it now.. But it took all my strength to walk out
on this stage and function and after this show is over....

My symptoms will come back twice as strong...
I'll just fall apart...
My step grandpa had Alizhemiers...
And he would function just fine and seemed real normal intelligent..
He could hold it together at certain times that he had too..
Then he would totally fall apart back into the symptoms once again..
Being a neurological disorder...
Of course untill it got much worse...
Progressed then he couldn't do that anymore...
But.. Even being a different condition but neurologically based..  

Can at times you hold it together with your hyperacusis..
Though it takes alot of strength but you can do it...
And then you have to retreat into calorie counting as it was too much
for you in the long run...

For your senses?????

Oh and here is page called name as many disease's as you can...
And hyperacusis is there and Synesthesia is there...
But when you look at the list of diseases..
It's a humbling expirence indeed...               

Take Care


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I watching TV about the Kirton Family trying a variety of sound therapies
now.. It seems like weither it's for hyperacusis or tinnitus as tinnitus can
improve weither long term , short term or lessen from memory ect....

With sound therapies.. It's just amazing how sounds that could harm you
at a loud DB level.. Can heal you at a lower Db level.. Plus depends on the
sound because machine sound therapy like an MRI or the Drill.. Just doesn't
cut it but.. It's just interesting this connection in the way that.....

Sound therapies can help so many different.. yet neurological/brain connected conditions.. and some say the central nervous system..
and whatever else that ails you how powerfull theses types of therapies
can be...

And it seems they have just started not long ago doing this...
So I wonder what the variety of sound therapies are..
I need to read more up on this but I'll save that for next week...
If theres anything new or different going on out there...
And how it's going for them and what symptom/symptoms it has helped
them with.... 

The biggest event the last few weeks has been starting the children in Sound Therapy treatments 

Take Care


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Oh here it is... (( Smiles ))

I will read it later..
What that variety may be for sound sensitivitys, loudness sensitivitys..
It's all interesting..  

a variety of Sound Based Therapies are used in a developmental hierarchy to address these challenges.

But I found an old articule on a peditricians view for the treatment of autistic
syndrome.. As autism is not a disease.. It's not one thing.. It's a spectrum of
symptoms and an autistic child can have many different kinds of symptoms..
And it can go into what they call or name as a seperate disorder symptom yet many believe connected in some way.. It can blur into other syndromes..

Yet this old articule talks about some of the things I have been doing now..
But kind of disregard it at the same time... no wonder I got this mindset
back then untill I came down with T and especially Hyperacusis...

And it says on this subject.. Music Therapy has been well excepted for
many neurodevelopmental problems.. It is quite reasonable that music
could have postive behavioral effects, but it is not a specific therapy for
autism.. Well.. Like alot of what is written on theses pages things have
changed.. Treatments have changed.. And people will do what they see
fit regardless of other opinons and biases like even that goes for the symptoms of hyperacusis disorder....We do what we believe helps..

I believe music therapy and broadband therapy helped my children...
What they got of it and I did music therapy for years..
as I had music going on at home for theraputic reasons for me and ace'd
most of what was on the tube.. For years..
Music is an international language..
Autistic children besides learning the most verbal skills through singing
and songs.. My expirence... 
I think it helped them.. With their auditory issues as well..
My other daughter has not covered her ears or complained about loud in along time..
My other daughter no longer acts deaf but she's really involved now...
In listening.. How else could she be doing so well in school if she didn't..

So I believe it's more helpfull then this articule thinks.. As well as other
therapies it doesn't think so highly of either.. The patients decideds
whats helpfull for them.. At least after all I have been through..
Thats the way I conduct my life now.. After all I've been through..
It's been a life long learning expirence for me..
Thats for sure.. ((( Smiles )))             

Take Care


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Oh I see the REI program.. ((( Smiles )))

It's not finnished the listing on that web site yet..
So I looked it up..

To promote a calming neurological state.....
A music sound therapy I guess...  

Interesting explaining the use of...

The REI Program CDs don’t require active listening. Just play the appropriate CD for that day softly in the background while listener is within earshot. He can play, read, eat, sleep, or do just about anything while the CD is playing except watch TV or listen to any other type of music.

Sound therapy for lots of conditions...
And reasons.....
Seems to be where it's at theses days.... 
It works for me..... ((( Smiles )))  

Take Care


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lynn, not sure if this is the place for this, but have you ever researched the links between msg and tinnitus?
i'm guessing you have but just thought i'd ask.
they talk about tinnitus but not h. still i imagine the two would be related...


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Hi Patti, ((( Smiles )))

Thank you.. I'm going to check that out and Thank You for the ear laser
info too.. I was reading this site on hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis..
Neurological and  Psychological disorders...

It makes one think??? 

This is interesting too..
Lots of info on here...

Take Care


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It was a MRI scan that caused my Hyperacusis, i was diagnosed deaf and they sent me for a MRI scan, didn't give me any ear defenders, and caused acute hearing, ten folds, so sorry but i cannot even barely think that is something i would go seek...

And if anyone asks, yes i would prefer to be deaf to having Hyperacusis.

Sorry for the moan i have pain in my ears today.

My world is a happy world with no people, a happy world is a reachable sound control dial.

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Hi Buttercupdaisies, (((( Smiles )))))

Ya.. The MRI.. You were diagnoised deaf and they sent you for an MRI scan..
It sounds like like you had some vunerability with your auditory/ears allready
and all it took was the noise of the MRI to send you over the edge.....

Why do some people take many MRI's and turn out fine with it and others don't..
Thats the million dollar question... Why you and not them...
I was reading your expirence vertigo and that you bring that up as.. 
on TV today Dr Richard Becker was talking about the ear.....
nerve impulses and irratation......
And then within that subject he started talking about vertigo and what
an awfull thing that is to expirence....
And then he started talking about a doctor he had on his program about
it and his name is Dr Sinatra..
It was just on so I haven't had time to look it up yet but also he mentioned
the heart... Vertigo and heart and mentioned CQ-10....
It's an interesting subject and I want to read up more on it..
Schools out now plus I allso have been spending more time on another
message board because I find it interesting...
But also what I found interesting is the talk on immune reactions as I am
very interesting in the immune system response and inflammation theses
day.. And Dr Becker said as Lupus is a immune system response test..
lots of people are misdiagnoised and it's important to find out what caused
the immune reactions.. Kind of like why some people get a free pass no
matter what noise they are around in life yet we don't..
I'm just on a different wave link now but it's all good research....

Sorry to hear about your dillema..
Maybe by gradually building up your tolerances again will help you...
Become stronger again.. To normal enviromental sounds...
Though normal enviromental sounds theses days depending on where
one lives at... can be nothing but normal as lots of engines and motor
traffic abound but.. but that can be overcome if your ears are strong enough..
and I feel like if I don't reinjure myself again..
I will do just fine...
I know whats best for me... (((( Smiles ))))

Take Care


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Hi Buttercupdaisies are you still around???

I hope you are O.K. and getting some help..

You Take Care

Take Care


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Plus Hi Patti, ((( Smiles )))

Yes.. MSG and tinnitus..
I try to cut all MSG out of my diet when possible..
I like to eat more fruits and vegetables now..
When I had bad hyperacusis I weighted myself at 90 pounds..
Probably dipped down into the 80's too..
But I'm 115 now because I have cut out certain things for my health..
But I do eventually need to go the dentist..
It my back teeth the metal in there does crack ones teeth overtime..
I wish I never had it put in there because they have to really drill it out.
But I was reading of another way they can take it out with out drilling..
I forget what it's called I have to go back and read it again...
But I don't think many do it...

But then I read this...

Available data suggests that dental amalgam is an unsuitable material for medical, occupational and ecological reasons.

On Pub Med... 

Hyperacusis can be required as a result of damage to the brain or the
neurological system.. So this isn't good..
I thought you might be interested to read this..
It is interesting.. (((( Smiles ))))

Take Care


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hi lynn,

nice to hear from you! if you find a way to get mercury out without drilling, please let me know!

i agree, it can't be doing any good and could be doing much harm.



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Hiya Lynn

Thank you for that information, i read it and saved it.

I have had a bit of trouble with the noise levels in work, cos today it was so unbearable i had to leave work early, and i had both ear plugs in, the staff all women are all very loud, very giddy, its getting worse, when the bosses leave for the day they do no work and it gets louder, and its too painful for me to handle being around them.

Anyhow how are you, if you email me i can send you my email address then you can email me directly.



My world is a happy world with no people, a happy world is a reachable sound control dial.

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Hi Patti, ((( Smiles )))

There is a thread on that because I remember someone on that board when I first came on told me about the method..
I need to look that up again because it would be interesting to find out who does that..
It's better then haveing ones teeth/tooth pulled as I've heard about that before on this website..
I wonder how much noise that would really be???
I guess they would have to use water and suction..
All dentists usually do..
I've been to the dentist for cleaning and polishing with water and suction and I can handle that now..
My tolerances are pretty hi..
Questionable for long term drilling yet wonder if there has been any improvements in that??
Noise wise..
But the all purpose electric drill I heard about long ago is only 66 decibles..
I know of only two places around the vicenity where they would have that..
And one place is advertised as a dentist for cowards..
I read their ad and phoned them they do speciality..
It's along drive away though..
Ones closer but I'm not sure if that dentist is still around but they use that drill I was told , more in Europe..
But picking it out I did read about that concept...
If I find it I will post it..
But untill then...
On the thread Almost Forgot Too Noisy and  Loud Too!
Can't stand it..
A sensitivity to noise thread like my hearing is hypersensitive and amplified..
Even hearing ones own voice drives me mad!
Sound sensitive people on there not sure if it's hyperacusis or what??
But I did an exchange..
On that thread I posted this sites website link for any one that needs help..
Here's the thread....

Take Care


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Hi Patti, ((( Smiles ))))

This one on "Save Your Teeth" is a real good site on info on how to avoid certain problems and it's called "The Secret"..

And as dentists are hard too go to expecially when ones hyperacusis is bad and hopefull that will get better..
over time as I have gone for teeth cleaning many times since my H is better.. 
No problem with that but this is a good stratagy if one is needs to care for their teeth in the meantime while ill..

This is another good one on careing for your teeth..
The cause of dental decay..

Will find that thread on the picking it out method as it's somewhere on that forum that described it to me in detail..
I just want you to know that I didn't forget I want to read it again myself.. 
I know with hyperacusis..
Dental care is hard..
Till one gets much better then it's easier..
Except the drilling part yet..
Hopefull in careing for ones teeth a person can avoid that if possible..
Hope your doing well.. (((( Smiles ))))

Take Care


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HI Lynn,

I was looking at that last page and thought you may want this one rescued, before it got archived.

It seems you mentioned being down with some flu or something.....
hope you don't mind I bumped it up for you.
Take care and get better soon.

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Hi A Quieter Breeze, (((( Smiles ))))

How nice of you.. Thanks..
I was going to post an update on the board but I get bumped off the connection.. 
I hope this goes through then I can hopefull post what I wrote..
Thank You..
I see that there's an open archive now..
I haven't got back to what I was going to go back and look up again how they pick the metal out of ones teeth in dentistry..
Someone explained it to me awhile back on the other board It's still there..
I think I know where it is..
Picking it out would be quieter I would think for sure ..
I do think about thoses things because eventually got to do something or should do something it's just the vibration in loud I'm not sure about..

Take Care


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Part two the only way I don't lose the connection..

It just would be an awfull thing to have my ears act up again it happened once following a visit to Chunk E. Cheese and it wasen't just pain it actually started comeing back with some symptoms I had with my hyperacusis..
So I just don't know..
Plus.. I hope this goes through I'm haveing problems posting on the
" Herballure Board " but I can use the E-Mail box there..
Here I seem to be able to post on the board but I can't send out E-Mails..
I'm stumped??
I got to phone my provide today and see if I can get this fixed whatever it is???
Untill then I am still not 100 percent over this virus sick thing..
But lots better...
P.S plus.... 
figured it out, the connection problem..
will fix it later..

Take Care

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