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Hi I'm 16 and I just recently found out I have hyperacusis. Having this disorder since as long as I can remember has always pestered me. Not until recently had I realised or taken action to find out that I have had this, and I'm glad to see that I'm not alone.


It seems to me I am most bothered by certain frequencies of sound and many soft sounds.

What really triggers me to pain and especially anger, sometimes despair are the following;


Gum chewing/popping

Food chewing


All breathing noises

When whistling is done improperly

When people talk

The "s" sound in words when normally said by females

Any high pitch jingle


My parents had always believed that I forced myself not to tolerate these noises, but it is aparent that it is a clear disorder.I know it seems so smug but I love rubbing it in their faces.


Is it normal to become very angry by these noises, and of course painful?

The noise that most agrivates me, is the "s" sound in female's voices since I hear it 6 hours a day at highschool.


Well, thanks for any further opinions!


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noises that are to loud make me angry because of the pain they cause it seems like only certain noises bother you my hearing is loud all the time and on top of that other noises bother me worse mine are more like rooms that echo silverware clanging and water running not to mention outside noises lawn mowers leaf blowers etc. i just wanted you to know your not alone with the anger charlene


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My hearing becomes very apparent that is louder than normal when I actually think about hyperacusis or when I notice something pestering me. What the worst part of having this..syptom/disorder? is I can't stand particularly females speaking due to their lisp. With this said you can imagine how my avoidance to females may come off as gay to some, and I have no problem with gays just that I'm not!


On a side note, has anyone ever had the anger overwhelm them that they have done something very out of line?

I mean lately I find myself muttering curse words, but now it's getting much worse where people notice it possibly. I feel like I'm idiot with fake tourettes or something, I just can't cope with the talking anylonger.


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You said you have problems with chewing gums, eating, talking, etc. Maybe the problem comes not from your ear but from your jaw, the Temporo Mandibular Joint

As a student you have lots of pressure and stress, right? Do you bite on your teeth from time to time? Strain your jaw muscles? Some people do that at night. You might try out some relaxations techniques, and do not stress your moth muscles too much (as with chewing gums).
Notice that stress can trigger TMJ and hyperacusis and facial pain.


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When I said these specific sounds, I meant to say when other people make the specified sounds. (Sorry for clarifying that >.< )


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Hi Dekay,

My own personal bugbears are the tinny run-off from other peoples personal stereos and/or mobile phones, thumping bass, knuckle-cracking and chewing gum with one's mouth open. I always ensure that I have my own mp3 player to hand (spare batteries and spare headphones!) or a relaxation CD/pink noise generator all of which, for the most, help some.


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