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Hey everyone! I just wanted to post links to some self-help resources that I've found over the last few years on the internet. I know what it is like to deal with anxiety and depression, as I've struggled with it for years. I know that plenty of us on here have these problems to in relation to tinnitus and hyperacusis. That there is a message board for us like this one is a major positive influence considering the isolation that seems part and parcel of hearing problems in general, but especially hyperacusis, considering how few people seem to be aware of its existence. I know that with my relatively mild issues I've definitely felt isolated for lengthy stretches of time. 

Anyway, here are some good resources that I've found:

-   On this page you can connect to a specialist via webchat.

-  This is a cool website that allows you to message with trained volunteer active listeners for free. 

- This website is a resource that allows you to chat with strangers for free, find affordable e-therapy, and join their online community for support.

- This e-hub page has links to a number of resources that are informative and programs based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. Before I found this page with the other links I found Mood Gym specifically.

- Another website that offers CBT-based guidance.

-  This is another good forum to be a part of if you struggle with depression and other mental health problems.

Hope that you all find the resources you need! 

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