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My 11 year old son is super sensitive to the almost inaudible buzzing of a Ronxs electric lighter. I can be in the other room using it, without his knowledge, and he screams to turn it off. I really can’t even hear the buzzing. That is the only sound that bothers him.

Any advice. Should I have him tested and if so by what kind of doctor? Is this the sign of some other medical problem?

Frank from London

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Hi, I have had Meniere's Syndrome since 1985, and with it came Hearing Loss and Tinnitus.  Ever since it has been a downward spiral with each of the above getting worse.  Then in (circa) 2002 I found that I had developed Hyperacusis, which is a sensitivity to noise above a certain threshold,  If I hear certain noises., they make me jump, and since 2002, a person,s voice putting an emphasis on even a syllable of one word, drive's me up the proverbial walls, should that be on T.V or in conversation.  You say your 11 yr old Son, can detect the noise that triggers his reaction, even through walls, sounds as if he is extremely sensitive.  I'm sorry I cannot offer you any solutions, as I'm just having to "live with it", and not go places where I know there is going to be loud/sharp noise.  But then, I'm 75, and your Son is only 11.  I just wish I had some answers, but all I can say, is to observe how he reacts to any given situation and try to minimalise that particular situation  
joe mc gahan

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Hi, I've been to 2 specialists (ENT) with no help. I'm not sure if your son has hyperacusis but if he does, then have him try pink noise therapy. Have him listen to it at a comfortable level of 3 hours a day using headphones/speakers. This has helped most of us.
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