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I recently brought a new laptop. The noise of my dad banging his feet on the floorboards and his elbows on the handels (solid wood) of his chair downstairs caused me last night to hit the keys on the laptop harder than I should (overstimulation? noises affecting my concentration?). I was unhappy about what happened. I am concerned that the components (processor, etc) could be damaged because of the keys on the keypad that is above the components being pressed too hard because of my hypersensitivity to noise. I wonder if should have got a desktop. I am sorry if my posting is difficult to understand but I am not very good at explaining things (this probably due to my Aspergers). Plimrow

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Dear Plimrow,

If your laptop is still working, I wouldn't worry too much about having damaged the processor. 

I can relate to the frustrations of getting overstimulated.  I am also on the Autistic Spectrum, and have to carefully control both noise, and my visual pathways to avoid becoming overloaded.

Hope this message board helps you feel better about your noise sensitivities,



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Maybe you can attach an external keyboard to your laptop (costs about $10). this way the distance between the laptop and you will be larger (in case the laptop-noise bothers you) and you don't have to worry about damaging your computer by hitting on your keyboard)
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