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I am happy dr Marsha Johnson makes a difference between normal Hyperacusis and Noice Induced Painfull Ears !

see link:

" Noise Induced Painful Ears:  This can come with hyperacusis (loss of tolerance) and also without hyperacusis (mostly normal sound tolerance but sound-induced severe pain).  This is a condition that has only been identified in the past year or two, 2011-12 or so, as a separate and difficult condition to treat using traditional methods. 
Severe ear pain which can be called otalgia, is suspected to involve the middle ear structures such as ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles, lining, eardrum, and bones, as well as nerves in the area. 
Exposure to sound can make this condition worsen over time and should be carefully diagnosed by very highly trained professionals including otologists and audiologists. 
A person with this condition is advised to be very cautious about pursuing treatments that could worsen the pain and associated difficulties.  
Dr. Marsha Johnson has been investigating and recording the data from this group of patients since 1997 and is one of the few hearing specialists in the world who recognizes the difference between the pain in the ears and the loudness tolerance issue as two separate yet connected conditions. "

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