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Has anyone purchased these? I can't afford Bose so I need advice on another good brand for $100.00 or less. A raceway has been built fairly close to my house so until I can get moved, I need help for my ultra sensitive hearing. Thank you.

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You might can look on, what, those sites that sell things used, like, and one other I think, maybe, and see what prices they have for used Bose of other types of electronic head sets.

What I would recommend is the same thing I'm fixing to do New Years' Eve. I'm going to another place, like a motel room. The only trouble with New Year's Eve is that, there are firecrackers all over town. So, I'm having to deal with that part of the problem, also.

But in your case, your race track is located in one place in town. Right next to your house. OK, but the race has a schedule, the 15th (?) from 8 p.m. to midnight. OK, don't be at your house on the 15th (?) from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Go to a motel. If you can't afford it, I would really save up money for that. Of course, if you go to a cheap motel, you could pay for it with all the druggies that might be there, also. But I don't what to tell you except, go to a motel, but not one with druggies.

I have found a pretty cheap one where the druggies weren't too bad. I saw a couple who looked that way, but they were on the top floor of a two-story motel, so they could hang on the rail, I guess. You can't lean on the rail on the first floor rooms, for their are no rails.

So, try to get a first floor room, would be a possibility. It might be the best $40 you ever spent, getting away from the noise. I've done it many times with a nearby ballpark festivities.

There are also other places in town you can hang around in for a few hours for free. You just have to use your imagination. And if they tell you to leave, go somewhere else for an hour or two until the 1-5 hour car race is over.

You can go to hospital emergency rooms and just sit down like you're waiting on an associate who is being treated. Hey, you're having an emergency yourself. Your house is too near too much sound, and you're using the ER as a place to escape to. You have to be imaginative.  

Even the best head sets will get rough on your ears sitting in your house for several hours with them on. Get away from the noise by leaving our house for a few hours. Sit or lay down and sleep in your car in a hospital parking lot for a few hours until the race is over.

Go to a fast food restaurant, order carry out, and sit in the parking lot there and eat your food for 3o or 40 minutes. Buy a newspaper, and other reading material, and read that in your car for an hour.

Go a store that does not have functional music (that would be my choice) and one that stays open late or all night and browse through the store for an hour. You don't have to buy anything.  

You've got it easy compared to what I've got. I've got firecrackers all over town on New Year's Eve. With you, the noise is in just one place, while the rest of the town is comparatively quiet. I'll swap my problem for yours any day of the week.

Let us know how this is going.


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