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Hi all. Does anyone recommend a good brands and models of noise canceling headphones that fit around the ear to protect from loud noises?

I'm going to Boston next week to see an Otologist to see if I actually have hyperacusis, which my ENT where I live, thinks I do have. 

I met a woman the other night who has a brain injury and wears a noise canceling headset but I didn't get the brand name to research it? It was silver and I'd love to get a set so I can go out in public and go for a healthy walk, go to a concert or even just being around crowds without pain and triggers.

I've looked at the Bose models but wondering if anyone has any recommendations on which ones are helpful and under $400? Or just information on what are good models.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Andrea_Elizabeth,

I use the Bose QC25 noise canceling headphones. They work fairly well. $200 on Amazon. Another consideration is musicians earplugs. I work in a fairly noisy and busy professional environment and rely heavily on mine to keep the noise down, when my ears get tired, yet still be able to carry on a conversation. Mine are etymotics brand. Around $25 on Amazon. If you like them you could consider having custom molded ones made by an audiologist, but I’d try the ety ones first.

Best of luck on your appointment. I hope you are able to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan set up. The vast majority of people who get hyperacusis are able to recover and live full and rich lives. The odds are strongly in your favor. If you get a chance, read the success stories.


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Hi. I had a made to measure silicon pair, really good
Flesh coloured so discreet.
I sometimes use ear protectors $39 , you can stand on a runway with these
Total silence
Every now and again just need these

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I have a pair of noise-canceling headphones that work great and are dirt cheap. Bought them at Staples a decade ago. Here's a site where you could purchase:

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Bose are the best - maybe a bit steep in price but it's the best I use them

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I have a pair of Sony WH-1000XM2 and the noise cancelling on them is astounding. The Bose QC35ii are fantastic as well. I'd say both offer more than enough noise cancelling as they are best in class noise cancelling headphones. And the Bose are probably more comfortable to wear as they are lighter and cover the entire ear. The Sony's are comfortable too but just a touch heavier than the Bose. You can't really go wrong with either of these, good luck!

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I have the Bose QC35, I have also owned two cheaper models from other brands. Even the cheap ones are actually quite impressive, although the Bose are a bit better and much more comfortable. The Taotronics TT-BH22 are very good value. They are essentially a copy of the QC35's. They have roughly 85% the noise cancellation of the Bose QC35 I'd say. So it's a case of diminishing returns to buy the Bose, but for me the extra protection was worth it.

I must say that no active noise cancelling headphones have as much protection as good 32db rated earplugs/ear defenders. Maybe only half at best. So for extremely loud situations, they are no substitute. But for the situation you describe - getting out and about in public places - I think they can be the perfect tool as they don't overprotect you, they allow you to gradually reintroduce sound. This is where the Bose really shine by the way, because if you use them with the smartphone app, you can choose between high and low noise cancellation to find the right balance between under and overprotection.

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