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Hello dear members im new in this form and i want you guys to excuse my english because its not my mother tongue ...

Am 31 yro male

Problem started first with cracking sounds when i do certain gestures . Irregular beating sounds behind eardrum coming from nowhere(few soconds) and crackling voices while changing altitudes(while driving)

Ear drum have started to feel kind of sensitive tissue during any sudden noises(like slamming doors or falling obects or dishes)

Then things gone worse feeling a burning pain behind my left ear , worsen by noises like high volumed tv . Crouded places ..ect EVEN WHEN ITS QUITE SOMTIMES!!

Pulsating T came over and stayed till this hery moment and pain worsen when i sleep on my left ear (pressure pain) and clicking sound each tile i swallow or yawn
Can't talk loudly or too much [frown]

Went to 4 ENT . no sign of infection or dermatological deseases

Took many kind of meds prescribed by them(anti inflammatory meds vitamins B complex magnesium anti consulvants )

Ran some tests (MRI cerebral inner ear) (audiogram) (tympanogram) (CT scan temporal bone)(neurological monaural stimulation test) all doing ok

Its been almost 4 MONTHS since it started to feel aggravated from sounds like my fridge and phone calls cant put it in my ear (unless if i put loud speaker) landline ok but cell phones impossible

I used to commincate with my friends online with a good quality mono earphone (online gaming for hours) but nothing is loud

I don't go clubbing ..concerts or any kind of high sounds activity ..

I work a only few hours in the lab with some equipments
And thats it

Why am i having this stubborn pain and discomfort and nobody can't diagnose my problem?

Is it a H or T or ETD or PET or TTTS or the AVENGERS of all these mention.. i desperatly need help or guidance :'(


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