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I don't think I have hyperacusis that bad.  My biggest symptom is feeling fullness in my ears after hearing loud music in a bar for a few minutes.  It doesn't bother my friends.  But in the past few months I've gone without ear plugs, listened to the music, and the fullness lasted for a week.  In daily life, I may also feel the slightest bit of pressure on my ear as if I'm touching it with my finger but I don't experience the pain others have mentioned.  High pitched sounds can bother me.  I've lived with these symptoms for about 20 years.  They started after I was working with a loud machine for a week that made me feel like I was at a rock concert.  Since then I've been sensitive, but it hasn't been unbearable.

So I bought the pink noise cd and will try it out to see what happens.  I plan a diy treatment approach since my problem is not that bad.

Can I listen to the cd while sleeping?  Will it be therapeutic?  Must I use the over the ear type headphones while sleeping?  Can I use ear buds because they are more comfortable with my head resting on the pillow?

I went years ago to an ent and mentioned the problem to her and she was no help.  I was with my Mom today at her hearing aid place getting her equipment fixed and asked the tech about hyperacusis, trt and ldl.  She didn't know about hyperacusis and said there was no cure for tinnitus.  I'll be educating her on that at my appointment next Tuesday.  However she knew about ldl and could test me for free.  She mentioned in the course of the ldl she would say a sentence and ask if it was too loud.  I said I thought the test involved tones at different frequencies.  She said she could do this approach as well.

Can you explain how the ldl test is administered to know if I'm getting it done properly?  I have insurance.  Should I start calling ent's and ask them if they administer ldl and how they go about it?

I just found the following web pages which seem to have some good info on ldl though haven't read them yet.  Looking forward to reading what the hyperacusis folks on the forum say.

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