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Hi there,

My name is DJ.  I recently have been experiencing the symptoms of hyperacusis.  It all started about a week ago after recording some music tracks at a high volume.  After the recording session, I noticed a strange some of pressure within my ear.  I went to bed shortly after.

The following day when I woke up, I noticed the same pressure sensation within my ear.  To be honest, I wasn't initially alarmed since it's late April and I have allergies; every spring I go through a period of weird pressures in my sinuses and ears.  I noticed something was truly wrong when I got to work and had to count change in a register.  The sound of the change dropping made it seem like it was being shot into my ear and rattling my skull.  Throughout the day, I noticed my increased sensitivity to certain sounds:  change dropping, doors being shut hard, things being dropped, etc.

A few days after the incident I went to see an ENT specialist in Boston and they said that my symptoms should resolve within a month.  Luckily, I have already seen some mild improvements within this past week.  Alarms, whistles, trains, and loud music don't bother me.  If it's an extremely high volume, I might feel a little disoriented, but that's it.  It's always sounds which have percussive BANG! that make me jump or blink.  Just this morning I had to collect change to do some laundry, and the sound of the change rustling in a jar gave me a weird sensation in my ear...  Not necessarily pain, but certainly a heightened sound of jangling.  

Just recently, the pain in my ear has reduced some but I've been noticing a fluttering sensation, or pulse, in my ear whenever I hear such sounds.  I used to get some bad headaches and tension around my jaw from these sounds but that also has diminished.  I recently bought a multivitamin and some magnesium pills which I take with my breakfast.  Hopefully that will help speed up the process.

Does anyone have any opinions on the doctor's statement?  Do you think that I'll get better in a month?  I know me asking seems ridiculous, but I do have a very, very severe case of OCD and anxiety, so I've lately been researching this horrible condition like mad.  I can't help but panic once I read about the stories of suicides and isolation.

Some background info on me:  I'm a musician, and I've generally always taken care of my ears.  Most of my noise-induced acoustic trauma has been from headphones rather than live music shows or other things.  I've had a mild case of tinnitus since I was nineteen, which I believe was caused by fluid buildup in my ear rather than an episode of acoustic trauma.  I also have ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) -- I get tingling sensations from very soft sounds such as chewing, whispering, pages turning, stuff like that...  Almost the opposite of misophonia.  Does anyone think this could help me recover?  I haven't tried pink noise yet, but I've read a lot about that for helping with hyperacusis.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that I'm extremely sorry to everyone who's been vicitimized by this horrible condition.  From reading other people's stories, it seems like I have a very mild case of this, but it nonetheless has caused me a great deal of panic.  I could never even imagine what it must be like for those of you have moderate or severe cases...  My thoughts are with you guys.  Stay strong.

Thanks a bunch,
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