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Hello all, I just registered to join this forum and hope to find support from others who have intolerance to noise as I do.  Most of my adult life I have found it extremely difficult to concentrate or focus due to noise.  By noise I am referring to any sound that I have not chosen to hear ranging from a television on in the background, a conversation between others nearby, even certain sounds in nature.  The worst sounds of all to me are those which are repetitious and last more than a minute.  Sounds such as an unanswered telephone ringing in the office where I work, the beeping of vehicles backing up, leaf blowers, or a dog barking on and on will send me into a fit of anxiety and rage where I begin cursing.  My only salvation is to plug my ears with ear buds and play music that I find soothing.  I even plug my ears before entering most stores because I typically hate the music they play.  If I do not block out their music with mine, I curse under my breath and shop as quickly as I can to get out of there.  I feel as though I am cursed with this intolerance of noise.  I also live close to a Police shooting range and on days when they are practicing my anxiety is acute.  I am all in support or law enforcement; however, the shooting for hours on end stirs up very negative feeling for them.  BTW, I have suffered with tinnitus from my teen years.  Despite this, my hearing is incredible.  I can hear thing most people my age (59) cannot.  I am even sensitive to infrasound.

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To me it seems like you're describing misophonia and not hyperacusis. 

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Yes, there are misophonia support groups it appears on line.

For me, I experience hyperacusis more as direct ear pain--a pain in the ear. Sometimes a fullness in the ear as it comes on.
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