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Hi all, I've had Hyperacusis for the last seven months - I also cannot separate sounds normally, so if I'm watching a movie with dialogue and music at the same time I can't deal with it, even at low volume. It was brought on during a period of stress/insomnia, it's definitely a 'brain event' rather than an 'ear event'. I was an EFL teacher (first time I've used 'was' rather than 'am'!) but I've had to walk away with it a) because the noise-induced stress levels were too much and I feared for my mental health, and b) I couldn't do my job properly - if a student was talking to me and another student unzipped their pencil case I'd be derailed completely and have to ask the student to start again.

So now I've got to do something else for money - I'm in the UK and benefits (if available, I don't think I can be classified as 'disabled') won't cover bringing two young  boys up in anything other than a Dickensian fashion.

I wonder if anyone has ideas on what kind of suitable work there is out there? About the only thing I'm comfortable doing for any length of time is this, sitting at a (quiet) keyboard, with the windows closed to the traffic and the planes, so I imagine it's got to be some kind of freelance work using a computer.

I've thought of these jobs so far, which I have some skills in, although the rates on some of the freelancer websites seem to be way below minimum wage !?

·        Image editing (photoshop)

·        Teaching one-on-one online  (I think I'd have problems with this soundwise but I guess I'll give it a go....)

·        Proof reading

·        Data input (sounds fun....)

·        Write a book/screenplay  (far too risky unless I've got another source of income)

I am 50. 

Thanks for any thoughts....


Stuart Colwill
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