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Hello my name is Maegen im 26 years old and have Williams Syndrome hyperacus is one of the things that many people with Williams Syndrome have its very hard at times I can't go to concerts or brodway plays to get through a thunderstorm I have to take Anxiety meds ear plugs and sound proof headphones it's horrible being out in public during a thunderstorm is no fun im glad I came here and are not alone

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Glad you wrote. Sorry to hear that you have hyperacusis with the other condition you mentioned.

It sounds like thunderstorms give you fits. Me too. Me and my dogs huddle up in my room during a thunderstorm and it's almost the worst. Other things bother me, also, so those can be the "worst" also.

You are not alone. You can come in here out of the storm of life any time you want to.  

One thing that might help you in a thunderstorm is a piece or two of 1-inch thick plywood on the window to your room. That's where most of the sound comes through the thin (probably 1/8th of an inch) window panes.

The 1-inch thick plywood will cut that sound down to 1/2, is my guess. Two pieces of plywood, or even 3 or more, will help more than that.

I have a piece of 1/2-inch plywood up against my window to my room right now. I'm fixing to add another 2 or 3 sheets of one-inch thick plywood to that first piece as soon as I can.

It does not cut down the sound as much as I wish, but it does cut it down to about 1/2 with the first sheet. A second and third sheet might cut it to 1/4th.       

If you are renting your apartment, your landlord might give you permission to put up a piece of plywood over your window. And the other piece or 2 or 3, simply nail or screw into the first piece, so there's no problem.

And, should you move, the plywood pieces can simply be taken off, so there should be no problem with that.

Sounds like you have to go through a lot whenever there is a thunderstorm. And it sounds like being outside when a storm hits is even worse than that.

Let us know how you are doing. Again, thanks for writing.  


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