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I've had excruciating hyperacusis n tinnitus a while now n took a few hearing exams, both were above average hearing. I don't have one of the exams, but one says that I have 100 percent for both ears on discrim. Score. For srt on right ear -5 dB. For left ear 0 dB. I have read a few places that those with painful hyperacusis often get negative decibels hearing on exams. What does this mean? One sound made something in my ear noticeably vibrate painfully, like a huge contraction happened. It was in my left ear, the eardrum has been perforated in many years ago by an abusive boyfriend hitting me. This ear is the worst n in most pain from the hyperacusis n staticy tinnitus, but both have problems.

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Have you tried a warm bath to help with h and heating pads?

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