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My teenage daughter is sensitive to noises (esp. from car rides, a/c) since her concussion 11 months ago. I am trying to get her to desensitize from these noises which are in the 50-70 decibels range, but it's been really hard for her. We went to two ENTs who didn't have a clue. Her LDL is in the 60 decibels range.

It's a catch 22, without ear plugs the noises can trigger her post concussive symptoms. But if she wears these ear plugs all the time, her hearing sensitivity issues may get worse. She didn't like the noise canceling headphones either.

We will be seeing an ear expert soon, but he'll probably suggest TRT. I tried playing pink noise for 1 minute and she couldn't tolerate it. So I can imagine how this therapy is going to be a constant battle...

There are lots of noisy a/c and other noises in her school when she starts this fall, and I'm at a loss at to how to protect her... Please I could really use some good tips.

*Worried mother*

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The clinician in your area that is most qualified to treat your daughter is:

Dhyan Cassie

Ear, Nose and Throat Professional Associates

30 Washington Ave., Suite E

Haddonfield,New Jersey 08033


If this is not close, click on this link to find a qualified clinician:

Dhyan will understand what your daughter is going through and help her recover her decreased tolerance to sound.  It is very common for your local ENT to not know about hyperacusis, phonophobia, and misophonia (some or all of which could be what your daughter is experiencing).

In the meantime, for earplugs options, see this link:

[wave] Dan

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Thanks Dan. Much appreciated.
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