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Dear Hyperacusis and Tinnitus team members.


My name is Sean and I am new to the forum.


I believe been suffering from a rare form of tinnitus. It is called Palatal Myoclonus and I also have myoclonus (spasm) of the Tensor Tympani muscle in my ear(s). It occurs more when I yawn and sometimes hiccups start it off. The best way to describe this sound is imagining the sound of a moth of butterfly wings and I keep hearing fluttering sounds in my ear. It is often brief but intermittent and exclusively irritating. If you were to flick your finger beside your ear and skimming your earlobe, but not touching it, just as one would flick a crumb off a table, then that is the sound I get. "TRY IT". I can also feel it. I believe it is a muscle twitch like I get on my limbs and eyelids, but just in my ear.


I have seen the ENT and was told to live with it. I have tried herbs, relaxation, had counselling therapy and even done acupuncture. Herbs don't seem to do a thing. As for my thyroid problem I have a blood test every three months. Sadly I have suffered an over-active thyroid through heredity and I have been on anti-depressants and the myoclonus tinnitus isn't making matters any better, it is just bottling up anger and kept trapped pain. It often disturbs my sleep. The doctors look down my ear and say "Your ears look fine so you don't need ear drops" - But the problem lies beyond my eardrum and it is those muscles I am sure.
It is really difficult to get people to understand how you feel deep down inside as this spasm tinnitus is in my head, not the ringing, well I do get that as well. I would kindly like anyone who can add or support me by replying. I hope this speaks to you and hear me and can relate to what I have written. This is affecting my concentration and life and I am currently on Citalopram 20mg for my depression and Clonazepam (Rivotrol) to treat my anxiety. I have had some responses on YouTube, but it is so difficult to get people to understand how you feel inside. For instance you could be depressed and feeling low in spirits and it is okay for some people so say "pull yourself together, or don't let it bother you, just relax" - But they do not understand how it is affecting us/me. What is even more distressing is "Putting on an act". I.e Someone asking "How are you", you reply "fine" when you are clearly not you are hurting inside and suffering badly. I hope you understnad? What do you say "I am fine or I am suicidal then ramble about your problems?"
I am sure a lot of people jerk or jump before they nod off to sleep. This is a forjm of myoclonus like hiccups. Apart from distraction techniques like listening to music, using headphones, the only way I can stop the fluttering sensation/noise is my pushing my outer ear lobe into my inner ear tightly or sticking my finger/thumb in it. I don't want to be walking around doing it!!!
Does anyone have this problem or such muscle twitching?

Sorry about the rant but can anyone give me any advice please?


Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from someone.


Sean ^_^


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Hello I'm new to the Forun and only recently become aware of the fact that I may have hyperacusis.
This fluttering you describe in your ear rings a bell. I had quite a stressful temping job a month ago and for the first time in my life i suffered this rapid flitting of 'wings' in my ear (can't remember whether it happened in both)-. It only occurred 3 or 4 times and not for too long -  i haven't suffered from it since. It was louder than you describe
This must be terrible for you if you are suffering it all the time. Can only give you my sympathy nothing more
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