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Hello everyone, let me share my experience of my broken tooth. This incident took place one week before, during the fight between me and Dorothy. She is so cruel and she steals my food, pencils, even my notebooks. First, when we met, we were good friends and slowly, I realized her real character. Sometimes I get irritated due to her irresponsible behavior. She used to misplace my notebooks and I get scoldings from our teacher. But this time I lost control and shouted at her. Also, I complained to our teacher about her. She scolded her and she was so sad. She got angry with me and she pushed me from the stairs and I fell down. My front tooth chipped off during the fall. I panicked as there was bleeding. Later I was taken to a nearby clinic. Now I'm having a disfigured tooth. Now, I lack confidence in me while smiling. My mom suggested taking dental veneers from a clinic in Texas. I’m scared about the treatment strategies. Please pray for me and share your suggestions.
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