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Whenever someone shouts near my ear or in my general presence my hearing on that side becomes muffled instantly. 

I also get:

* A feeling of fullness in the ear(s)

* A burning sensation 

* distorted hearing

* cold "flashes" in the ear(s)

I'm really scared that these events are damaging my hearing and theres nothing I can do about it because of how loud my flatmates are, whenever I'm in their presence I leave with muffled hearing.

Yesterday, one of them shouted at the top of their voice right next to my ear. In general I fervently stay away from loud noise. I don't listen to loud music or go to nightclubs or gigs. 

I need to know whether someone shouting next to your ears can cause hearing loss and if anyone out there has had similar experiences.

I am becoming increasingly desperate.


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I suggest you make an appointment to have your hearing evaluated by an audiologist.  

Have you considered either moving or asking your flatmates to stop shouting?


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