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I'm looking for other sufferers of hyperacusis who also have multiple sclerosis.  I had my first flare-up of MS when I was 50 years of age.  About that time I also developed a lot of sensitivity to loud noises, particularly the high-pitched noise of a grand-child crying or laughing loudly.  The MS was mis-diagnosed as a small stroke.  It was finally diagnosed correctly when I was 60.  Does anyone else suffer as I do?  If so, what can you do about it?

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I don't have alot of knowledge regarding MS, BUT one of my family's great friends does have MS and has accompanying symptoms of the Hyperacusis condition. He is a GREAT man, has a super countenance about him and a tremendous faith in God...that is what really sustains him. Another close friend of mine, the wife of one of my best friends, was diagnosed with MS in the spring, she two is a fighter and keeps a daily positive attitude & faith. Luckily, she has no symptoms of hyperacusis.  I can only wish MY faith was as strong as theirs.

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Hi I don't have MS myself but I have had an attack of transverse myelitis which is very much like an attack of MS. I also have lyme disease which I believe has caused my MS like symptoms and the other neuro stuff. Sound sensitivity is actually a fairly common lyme symptom. I believe maybe the hyperacusis is having extra stress on the body, and I'd imagine the body is really quite stressed after an MS attack. For me the hyperacusis is always there but fluctuates in severity. Hope things improve for you soon
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