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This comes from a patient who has been diagnosed and is being treated for misophonia.  Their name and the name of their doctor is being withheld to insure their confidentiality. This is a hopeful story for those suffering with misophonia.   These are excerpts from the misophonia patient:

The audiologist has prescribed CD therapy twice a day, along with other instructions to treat misophonia.  It is working and the hyperacusis is much better.  I have not tried a movie yet or the gym, but I have been hopeful…


The doctor said that my problem is misophonia.  The doctor just said to pick music I will enjoy listening to.  The doctor didn't say or suggest any specific type or specific CD.  The doctor did not prescribe noise generators.  This seems to be working for me...


When we last e-mailed, you had asked me about the CD music I am listening to for retraining for Misophonia.  Well I went to the doctor this week (the doctor is trained by Dr. Jastreboff) and I am now listening to the Beatles One Album.  I am getting great results with the Beatles.  I think the key is to listen to what you will enjoy.  Before I was listening to soft guitar music from Sedona, AZ.  This is much better, but at first it was hard to listen to anything.  I am almost up to 8 weeks of retraining therapy...


The doctor wants me to try a movie in the next few weeks.  This is exciting to start to get my life back...


"Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow is wood, only today does the fire burn brightly"

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Thanks Dan!  That just inspires me to keep moving forward!!
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