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People on this forum have mentioned different vitamins & dietary supplements that can help with sound sensitivities.  However I don't remember all of them.  Do any of you know of any off hand?  I'm going to go to the pharmacy tomorrow and see if I can find some.  Unfortunately I can't afford all (or most) of them at a time, but I'll buy them one or two at a time.  Then over time, I hope to have almost all of them.  Thanks.

~~~~ Jen ~~~~

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Hi Jen, ((( Smiles )))

Sometimes Dr Richard Becker has free shipping and handling days or months with plus 50 percent off or buy one get one free too..
Then I stock up on what I believe is the most helpfull products for me.
Not every place you get supplements have exactly what you believe they have in them in quality and natural is better then synthietic which may be of no help at all.
But magnesium is a good one and the B vitamins of course and the omega three for a start even E is good or use alot of olive oil on your salads and with cooking..
But with fish oil..
Make sure it's a mercury free product though as mercury is a neurotoxin and you don't need that..
But I'd watch Dr Richard L. Beckers health show and find out what may be helpfull for certain conditons ect..
He talks about Gingko but it has to be the kind recommended by the German e commision and I think it's natures bounty that makes it that way.
He talks about tinnitus once in awhile as people phone in with all kinds of ailments and health questions..
Plus B-12 but it has to be the right kind.. 
2-3 weeks ago he mentioned Carol Brooks Tortured By Sound and Dr Jastreboff TRT ect on his show again..
Watching is free if you can find the channels he is on in your area.
I think he's in Texas closer to you then he is out here to me.
Next week maybe I can find out what channels he is on I have some things on added stations he sent through the mail..
But start off with that in powdered capsule or soft gels is best hard pills are not the best for absorbtion..
Minerals and vitamins maybe look for a blend of to start off with.
But if you can, even with closed caption..
The education information he gives out on his programs has helped alot of people..
People phone and thank him all the time for his help..
Plus his free shipping and handling 50 percent off all his nutrients specials really help me alot..
Waiting for the next one to come out plus CQ 10 LCarnitine is really good too..
There is so many of them that I take & for my dental health I've been poping oil of oregano caps gels in my mouth swishing it around and swallowing it with lots of water..
It helps kill off bacteria and fungis..
1P6 Insoitol is really good too..
Good Luck with it..
It's a good start for ones health and relieveing inflammation in the body is a good thing as well..            

Take Care


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I just heard about the benefits of fish oil for ear sensitivity. I started them right away. my condition is improving but I dont know if the fish oil is to credit. It does help your skin and hair though!

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I think I'll try fish oil.  My skin is ok, but my hair is a wreck, lol.  Maybe it'll help with my hair as well as my ears.

~~~~ Jen ~~~~

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Good Idea Jen, (((( Smiles ))))

I really believe that there is something to the neuro inflammation autoimmune thing when it comes to OCD as well , which people have talked about on the board in conjection with sound sensitivity's or what one describes as in misophonia..
I just take it way beyond that and I have been really researching and reading alot about these kind of things and is it possible??
Yes it is...
And how do I know that it's possible??

Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders a child develops the symptoms of OCD..
The Brain And Gut connection and in autism and in so many neurological disorders and like Harry was describing in friendly chat with his hyperacusis of ten years..
That went away after he treated this..
Neuroinflammation and I agree with something Dr Johnson mentioned on the board awhile back and long ago..

I've been studying up on this and found alot of things on this subject.

As  I was reading an old post in the Friendly Chat Site on a person who has Multiple Sclerosis and severe hyperacusis for 20 years..

He talked about reducing his neuro flairs that was in progress through treatment and his hyperacusis got better..
Weither Lyme disease which can cause one to develop H too and other neurological nervous system conditions and that Guillain-BarrĂ© leakage in blood–nerve barrier..
Destruction or malfunction..

And Gullian Barre can lead to hyperacusis as well..

A breakdown in the Blood Brain Barrier are common events following physical trauma to the central nervous system or following autoimmune disease..

Also in M.S and inflammatory CNS disorders

An inflammation of the blood brain barrier an autoimmune disorder in the brain.
What symptoms could that possible cause??
Hyperacusis, abnormal auditory disorders??
Sensory disorders as well as other sensations.

Also in M.S and inflammatory CNS disorders

I think this could be the link to alot of neurological disorders and illness's. 
I think it's more common then one thinks it is knowing the possible triggers and what we are exposed to in this world.
Autoimmune disorders are on the rise and there may be alot of people who have neuro inflammation going on and they just don't know of yet.

Plus it could possibly be induced or exacerbated by stress.
Stress could make it worse neuro flairs..
Acute stress increases....,f1000m,isrctn

Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders is a real physical thing not made up..
And the symptoms it can cause are OCD ect...
And this is just a touch of what I have been reading out there and in books I have too..

We really want you to get better Jen and I know it must be real hard for you.
I've come face to face with some real hard things myself but I need to know what I could possible do..
So I research alot... (((( Smiles )))) 

Take Care

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