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Jfasoli1 –


Thanks for your message.  Working with the open air Sennheiser headphones and the pink noise CD is a great combination.  But as you say, it would be more convenient to use a wearable sound generator.  General Hearing Instruments does a good job and I suggest you consider purchasing a pair.  The broadband noise presentations they provide are different depending on one’s hearing.  Your doctor will be able to determine which type you need.   


To briefly answer a couple of your other questions, pink noise is an example of broadband noise.  So is white noise.  The word “broadband” can be considered to be a presentation that covers a wide (i.e., broad) range of frequencies.  White noise can be defined as equal energy per frequency, while pink noise can be defined as equal energy per octave.  Hyperacusis patients tend to be able to work more easily with pink noise.    


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