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I haven't posted in a while, but I finally got my LDLs, (7 months after incident, and with my original audiology office that I had suggested to the "experts" the first week of injury *sigh*) anyways, if any of you already have a hearing loss ( I've had mod-severe bilateral hearing loss since childhood) the numbers you get are decieving. My LDLs tested out at 65-75 db at the various frequencies. so I thought, ok not too bad. Quick recovery. BUT my audiologist explained that if I don't hear sounds until it cranked up to 60 db (certain frequencies) I actually only have a window of 5-15 db that I can tolerate. (I know I could tolerate way more with my hearing aids on before the injury)Oh. That's why using my hearing aids are out of the question at this time. Good info if you have hearing loss already, like me. As for treatment, we are doing PT for neck (cervical) issues due to quick movement from injury and muscles "splinting" to prevent further injury. (Ie stiff neck and deep muscle soreness-like through my skull as if impaled on a pike from neck to above ear). Sorry I give details cuz I know it helped me explain to Drs better, thus more appropriate treatment. Audiology tx held off for now cuz I still have ongoing ear pain/burning in silence Hope this helps someone out there.
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