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Tuesday my wife Kathy goes in for Colon-Resection Surgery.
She has Severe Hyperacusis with Reactive Tinnitus
(2.5 years and counting that started after an enclosed MRI)

Here are the questions:

Anyone with a similar condition that had to have Surgery,  what was your experience?

Did you use any type of hearing protection? If so what type?

After the surgery what was the effect on your condition (Hyperacusis  and/or Tinnitus)?

For all who respond, thank you for taking the time to help us out during this even tougher time.



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Foam earplugs will help protect her from sound that, while unconscious, will register with her brain.  Other problems will emerge in the recovery period and, if she needs it the post-op ICU period.  That's where she'll need you to be her advocate.

Expanding....Recovery rooms are usually noisy, ICUs can be extremely noisy.  Its like anywhere else on the planet where no-one has any idea, and they just go about the business because they take sound for granted, as indeed we all did before we were hit with this.  There is an opportunity to keep her environment under control if you are at her side where possible working to build awareness among staff she comes in contact with.  They will listen.  Once educated and having gained understanding Nurses will work with you any way the can for your wife's best interests and outcome.  They may well even take your wife's condition as an opportunity for their own education and learning, as many will admit they know nothing about hyperacusis, and probably haven't heard the word before.  Make contact with senior Nurses in Charge as early as is practicable.  They will work with you.

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Hi, I recently had surgery and used ear plugs while there a lot of the time. I also found that the drugs they give you for pain during recovery help alleviate anxiety and sedate you quite a bit, so I did OK.
Good luck and I hope for a speedy recovery...... Donna

Donna Keddie
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