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Hello everyone:

I have not been here for a while, because I have been preoccupied with making a major housing move while having hyperacusis. You are all probably the only people who really understand how difficult that was. Let me explain what happenned because I need to share all this, especially since it is not all over.

Last december , I and my mother were given a notice of repossession of our apartment by a new landlord, who has the right to take over the apartment. Of course, that was difficult but what I did not realise was that it would send me into a downward spiral of acute depression. I had  to go a psychiatric hospital it was so bad, first time in my life, with the exception of the time I first got hyperacusis, which was only for a night. With hyperacusis, of course, it was hard dealing with all the noises on the ward, even worse in the intake ward , where some of my requests to adjust to the noises there were met with utter contempt. On the ward, the psychiatrist and his residents, as well as the social workers, were OK, but so many of the orderlies and nurses, were so nasty!When you are mentally ill, and have hyperacusis also, you are very vulnerable, and people's indifference to you hurts. Do you understand what I am saying?

Anyways, I left after a couple of weeks because the some of the nurses and orderlies I mentionned were making me worse! Then I was faced with the massive task of selling, giving away, storing, or moving so much accumulated material in the apartment. How was I going to do this, depressed, and with hyperacusis that does not permit me to talk on the phone for more than a half hour usually? I never thought I would make it, but I did. In fact I was lucky that the depression lifted on its own, possibly with assistance of these anti-depressants, which I no longer take. And my ears survived all those calls, and they are not too bad these days considering. Of course, I always have to be careful. 

Now , unfortunately, I have not ben able to find another place yet, having had only enough energy to get rid of most of our stuff. As you all know, we with h. have to find some place where we will not be stuck permanently in some room on a busy street , if you live in a big city that you cannot move from. Not to mention not having much money, and finding a new tolerant roommate to minimise cost. My mother was placed in a nursing home, which I feel guilty about, but I had no choice. These public places here in Canada, are cheap, but they are depressing. They are not homes! We all need homes, not wards that are like hospitals! So many of the old people are really in very bad shape. 

So I am living for now in a monthly hotel which is costly, and feel utterly alone and lost and afraid. I have not gotten much help. Some people sort of ask: '' Have you found anything yet?'', but really do not care, even my so called ''family''. It is very difficult.

Before closing, may I ask if anyone here who lives in the Montreal region if they or someone else can help me out, by leaving a private message, if that exists here. I do not remember all the technical functions available, so if you have some help to offer, somehow tell me how I can contact you. And if anyone shoud respond, I thank you in advance, because I may not be able to check replies for a while.

Thank you.



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