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Hi all,

I am looking some advice, we were out for new year's at a restaurant and about 11pm they decided to put on loud music. I put bits of rolled up tissue into my ears which reduced the volume by a noticeable amount and thought it would be ok for just over an hour. However, since I woke up yesterday the tinnitus has been louder than usual so I am concerned I have further damaged my ears (not sure how as it really wasn't crazy loud, but loud for a hyperacusis-er).

My question is whether I should use silence or gentle pink noise in an attempt to help my ears recover (get the T back to base levels). I had this the last time I went to the cinema (loud action movie with good quality earplugs in both ears but still ended up with increased tinnitus levels and increased sensitivity) and I don't recall what I did to help recover, so I am looking some opinions. It was this time last year that I first developed T and H so I am a little unedge!



Hoping to live again instead of just exist
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