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I am withdrawing from lexapro and have developed high pitched ringing and buzzing in my ears, along with serious acute tensor spasms which i have had to a degree throughout my adult life. Now it is non stop and does not seem to be showing any improvement. Has anyone had anything like this in relation to getting off an anxiety medication? My startle response is very heightened right now.



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Hey. I haven't been on anxiety medication, I've read a lot of things online that both anxiety and hyperacusis and tinnitus can be related and linked to stress/upset level and nutrition, especially magnesium and other important nutrients. Spasms/cramps can be related to magnesium defficiency too. There are a lot of links on nutrition on this board and elsewhere online, eg or just google 'nutrition anxiety' or 'magnesium nutrition' or any of your symptoms+magnesium etc.

Some medicines out there basically act similarly to some micronutrients and mask the problems, so when you get off them, it would make sense to experience problems until you get better and learn to adjust with nutrition and/or cognitive behavioural therapy or such.

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