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Leaking earplug big risk for hearing


July 12 2010.


People who are wearing leaking earplugs at concerts run more risk at hearing damage than people who are not wearing earplugs. That is what the Flemish (in Belgium) newspaper De Morgen reported on Monday.

The newspaper quotes audiologist Bart Vinck of the Ghent University. He stresses that earprotectors that are tested and leakfree do offer good protection. “The consumer should just have his earpieces tested”, according the audiologist.

The Ghent University and the consumer organisation Test-Aankoop sent tens of test subjets to different sellers of hearingprotections. After that the subjects went with the bought hearing protection to a three hours lasting concert with an average soundlevel of 105 dB. More than half of the test subjects was dealing with a serious decrease in hearing afterwards.

“When you put in hearingprotection and it doesn’t connect properly or the filter doesn’t work as it should be, then the sound still comes through into your ear, it can hardly get out and is being send on to your ear-drum. Your ear just gets even more sound to digest and has a bigger risk for damage”, according Vinck. He is also warning for the fact that the muffle/deadens level of hearingprotections often is much lower than what is given on the package.

Love, Mirjam

'Lekkend oordopje risico voor gehoor'

12 juli 2010. 12u.,buitenland

'Lekkend oordopje groot risico voor gehoor'


Mirjam Vonk

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Wow, that's pretty crazy. I always get scared when my earplugs don't seal all the way, no matter how well I try to put them in.
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