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Hello again, I'm a newer member. You can see my intro post here

In summary, I'm only about a month and a half out since my exposure. I began noticing issues as early as a week after my exposure that didn't bother me much at all, but they have rapidly progressed. I went from hearing things at a lower pitch to now being unable to listen to music, lots of sharp sudden noises bothering me, and not being able to watch TV.


I had a pocket of good days where I thought I was fine. I got cocky and played some music games thinking I was cured. It got bad again pretty quickly. I haven't listened to music in weeks now.


I'm still able to drive, still able to go outside, can take a shower, though using a hair dryer has become more difficult.


Where does this end? I see people talking about suffering for years and being in full reclusive state, unable to even stand the sound of their own voice.


I still find it so contradictory that we must expose, but noise also hurts us. Does this just progress forever? Is there any way to slow it? If over-protection is bad, then what is good?


Since I'm still so early on, can TRT save me since I'm still in "milder" stages? I am totally willing to dedicate a year to it. I'm due for a hearing test this week with an audiologist trained in TRT but I've even heard horror stories about those. I'm trying to remain hopeful, but I am just so scared what I'll become incapable of in just a month, if not one week from now.


I'm sure so many people with new H have asked this before so I apologize for any repetitive questions. I am just so scared right now and I'm not sure where to even begin.


Thank you!


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For me, I suffered because I didn't get the help that I needed. I look back and that was a huge mistake. I tried everything under the sun except for the effective stuff (which for me was TRT). I can't speak for others but I think this is such a hard thing to think through that we often don't make great decisions. Hope that helps a bit.

Jane Parks-McKay
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