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I started listening to pink noise on an iPod (converted to WAV format) after 15 months on a boombox. It's been around 3 months now I noticed I am again (5 times now) more sensitive to sounds. I decided that I am going to have to make the pink noise volume lower, not higher. I was getting better but keep having setbacks.

As far as sound enrichment goes, does listening to ocean waves or classical music (low) using an iPod with ear buds OK or it this considered plugging up your ears?  

Should I use the same open air headphones that I use for pink noise?

I listen to classical / instrumental music / radio all day (along with the pink noise) and a sound machine all night. I thought it would easier to listen directly in my ears instead of having radios and music on all day in different rooms.


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Shari, May I suggest using the open ear type of foam headset? You dont necessarily want to block out every sound but just distract your ears from tinnitus while building up tolerances. While ear buds are OK,they do a bit too much by forcing sound deeper into your ear canals. They are the reason I got hyperacusis in the first place.Ocean waves along with other nature sounds are highly effective when played at low levels. Point is,you do not want to drown out all outside sounds. By overdoing this,you can cause more sensitivity. Resting your ears isnt a bad thing to do as well if you feel comfortable doing so. If silence hurts,then using a small amount of sound therapy in a lower volume will benefit you.
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