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Hi, I have a problem with that once I hear the awful noise in question, I fixate on it and then feel the need to mimic the noise for relief.

For example if someone is eating crisps, I either have to leave the room or eat crisps at the same  time and make LOUDER noises than the other person.

Or another, if someone is  clearing their throat I have to do it too.


Are there any threads on this topic?  Could someone please direct me if so, I have searched but cannot find anything.



Em x

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I'm not positive about the whereabouts of a mimic thread of such a topic is right now, but it may be archived. I'm not sure if I agree completely to seek relief from offended noises(by mimicing), seeing as it may become quite an embarrasing habit. I do admit it's better than getting angry, like I often do.


The only relief I get is pounding my fists against a table or something, which isn't too bright. Hell, some stupid 'Ghetto-Baby' girl, next to me at this moment is smacking her damn gum and I'm some how tolerating...Nevermind..Bye!


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