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Hello my name is April.  I am so glad to have found this network. I have been living with tinnitus and hyper acoustics since January.  I have seen several doctors for my problem, none of which have ever mentioned hyper acoustics, in fact they have all acted like the symptoms I am having are not possible, and are just some kind of an anxiety brought on from my feelings about my tinnitus. Thankfully I have now, thanks to this network, located a doctors office in my area that knows exactly what I am talking. I have not seen that Doctor yet, but his receptionist was able to identify my symptoms as hyper acoustics.   I have a few questions that I hope someone out they may be able to answer: I personally can not handle any sounds through most speakers like on TVs or radios.  I can however handle the phone.  Has anyone found a solution to this, like a different type of speaker or a hearing aid that helps?  I also am not sure if flying will make this condition worse, has anyone tried flying.  The other thing that I was wondering is with summer coming can anyone recommend a good quite air conditioner?   I would like to add that adjusting to this has been one of the hardest challenges of my life, and I want to just encourage all the other people out there who are living with this to not let this destroy their life.  I have spent a lot of time brain storming on things that I am still able to do, and there is a lot.  At times I thought I could not make it like this, but now I know I can and I have a lot of people who still love and care about me.  So basically what I am saying is…once again don’t let this problem beat you, you will eventually adjust.  I wish you all the best.  I hope that perhaps someone may have some answers.  Take care and God bless, April

April Lambert

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Hi April,

I'm glad you've found this board and posted. This website was the only way I've found about hyperacusis.  I've had it for over 10 years.
You are right.  It takes a lot of imagination to be able to figure out how to live with sound sensitivity.  I personally do not have a television (I didn't have one even before hyperacusis, so it made it easier). When I watch television at a friend's house, we turn the sound down low and use closed caption.  I play the radio soft when my hearing allows it.
I don't know what to tell you about an air conditioner.  I think some of us have found that air conditioners are too much of a problem, although it would be good to hear from others about this.
I have been able to do without air conditioning (I live in a country). I open my bedroom windows on summer nights, and turn on the downstairs fan so it draws air in through the bedroom windows. Since the fan is downstairs, I don't hear it so much.  It has worked out okay for me.
I might try to get an oversized air conditioner in one room, and use it to cool down a couple of rooms.  I just won't use the room with the AC in it too much.
I hope some of this helps. 
Best wishes

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In our household, my husband knows to turn computer or tv or radio noise down, however, sometimes I have to remind him.

Traveling, however, has proved to be difficult, the motel's tv's are usually a few feet away just past the wall of the bed I am sleeping in, for the next guest room.

My solution: I tend to stay in B & B's, however, many of them now have tv's, I shop around for one that doesn't have one and if they do, it's in a common area room.

Anyone have any other suggestions on how to travel with Hyperacusis, I know that's a large subject with those of us who have H?

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