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Guys, I am REALLY excited for this! I randomly found something that actually relieved my hyperacusis quite a bit. I would like your help to try this out on yourself, and see what happens. Don't worry, it's the easiest thing in the world - you don't need anything except a quiet, calm environment to stop your ears from tensing up, and your own fingers. I suggest lying down comfortably, but you can do it right in your computer chair. (Now, I've been out of the loop of this community for quite a long time, so this might be a known thing. But if it isn't.. well, I think everybody should at least TRY this. Like I said - easy.)

Yesterday, I happened to scratch the side of my face, and noticed that the entire side of my face was tensing up very, very lightly when I touched it. Inside my ear, I could hear and feel the muscle contraction, and a light bulb went off - I could actually access the inner muscles in my ear, just by touching my face. I heard the noise of contracting muscles. 

So I kept doing this, just very lightly stroking the left side of my face to trigger this involuntary muscle contraction. My goal was to exhaust it, and after about half an hour it had nearly disappeared. My face and my inner ear relaxed under stimuli that previously caused it to tense up. My logic was to use this in the same way I once used sound therapy - trigger the muscle contractions in a gentle, controlled way to teach the body that nothing dangerous will happen. And, I didn't even need to use sound (although I might try this again later this week with white noise and see what happens)!

By this time, both my hand and the side of my neck got very, very tired. My left side of my face and neck felt very relaxed. I felt some mild pain in my ear, but this was actually a type of pain I already recognized from my physical therapy and it didn't alarm me (when you over-do physical therapy, sometimes you will hurt quite a bit the day after, possibly even feel feverish, because of muscles relaxing that haven't relaxed in a long time. It releases pent up lactic acid or something along those lines and can cause discomfort).

When I woke up this morning, there was a noticeable difference between my right and my left ear. My right ear didn't just have reduced symptoms of hyperacusis, it actually had BETTER HEARING as well! Normally, my two ears are pretty much equal. This difference lessened a little as the day went on and the 'creaky noise' returned to my left side again, but I can still feel a difference. I am not going to try again for another day or two, because as I mentioned above, there is such a thing as overdoing physio-therapy. Still, though, this was and is a very powerful experience. My theory is that if I keep doing this on an ongoing schedule, the good effects could become more or less permanent and my hyperacusis would nearly go away, maybe even disappear entirely! 

Now I need your help to try this out on yourselves. I want to know if this works for others. Like I said, it's the easiest thing in the world - simply make sure that you are in a quiet space and that you are relaxed, and then very, very lightly run your fingertips across the side of your face. Feather touch! See if you can hear anything, or feel any muscle contractions.

A few things to keep in mind before you start:
  • My own hyperacusis is very mild these days, so it's possible I just don't have as much muscle tension as I used to back when it was really bad. If you have sharp hyperacusis and this technique actually works for you, please break it up into several sessions to avoid the 'physio-therapy' pain response that I got from doing it a lot. Don't do it all in one session - go for maybe 15 minutes or so. Don't do anything that feels painful or uncomfortable - if you don't feel good doing this, either use a lighter touch, or move further away from the ear until the muscle response becomes tolerable. I found that the closer you get to the middle of your face (imagine a line drawn from the center of your forehead down to your chin) the less the effect will be. The point is to RELAX the muscles, so don't overdo this stimuli or you might trigger a fear response. 
  • This will likely make your face and neck muscles very tired, so I recommend doing it before you go to bed. 

Please, let me know if this works for you or not!

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Maybe you were habituating your nervous system to the sound of your fingers against the side of your face. Actually, reading your post made me feel better because I hadn't heard of other people who had this response, of muscles reacting to the sound of fingers touching the side of the face. I have that, but I never heard of anyone else who had.

I have found that a hairbrush startles my muscles, until I stroke it multiple times, and then it gets used to it. It could be that the nerves are hypervigilant for some reason and they just habituate to the stimulation. After the first stroke or two they relax more. I didn't know that this would help as long as the next day. 

I will try this. It continues to be such a puzzle to me just why the muscles and nerves get overstimulated the way they do.

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I think what your describing is myofascial massage. And it has been shown to help with tinnitus and i can understand this hell you ... I do this a lot where I experience sensation in my face or top of head.

Don't understand it exactly but the way I see it , it is part of exposure desensitization.
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