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Hi all,

I'm new to this group and very happy to have found you! The list provided in this forum doesn't show anyone in the Province of Quebec to treat hyperacusis. If any of you know an expert, please let me know.

So the story. Maybe someone will have ideas on what to do next as my life has become pure hell:

I've been suffering from a very high pitched tinnitus (in head, no specific ear) for 27 years. I'm 44. It was caused by an auditory trauma: 3 hours next to huge speakers in a show. Five years ago, I was subjected to another trauma: my 3 year old girl yelled for 15 minutes with her extremely high pitched voice while I was on the autoroute. I should have stopped to get out of the car - I didn't. The result was catastrophic. The next day my tinnitus had move up to an even higher pitch, if that was possible, and hyperacusis immediately kicked in.

Five years later it's gotten worse. I am unable to play with my daughters, to see people, to sleep at night. If someone drops his fork while eating I can scream in pain, my nervous system is constantly in alert mode and this makes me very susceptible when I was never like that before. Even if I wanted to be with people, they would find me impossible to live with so I am now always by myself, and many times eating alone even though I have four adorable young girls. 

This is the first place I find that says that hyperacusis can be treated. So far, all doctors have told me is to go home and rest. Audiologists do useless sound tests, and one even worsened the problem by doing an LDL test.  This board gives me hope, but I would like to find a competent doctor in Quebec, if not, I'm ready to travel for a treatment but I can't leave for long.

Thank you,



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God bless you so much; first off I do hope that God miraculously heals you in time, short time.  But if treatment from a trained clinician is what your looking for, then I can point you in the direction of the list of worldwide treatment centres:

The president of this website, Dan Malcore, lists this link on one of the subpages, but it's here for you for easy reference.

I hope you do find peace...

--- Anthony

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Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your message, I saw that list but it has no one in my province (Qu├ębec). I did try to contact some doctors in Ontario to ask if they knew someone and hope to get an answer soon. As for God, I won't be counting on him, if he exists, he's certainly got other priorities, but thanks [smile]



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maldor, try and start TRT as soon as you can.  Hyperacusis is treatable for most people, though it is very frustrating to deal with.

If you haven't done so already, you may wish to read these stories:
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