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Hi,  It's been a while since I posted owing to being in Craigavon Area Hospital for 8 weeks and the Royal Victoria Belfast for 2 weeks for CABG 3 .   While I was in C A H I had two incidents where Staff , while knowing I had Hyperacusis gave an elderly patient the big brass bell to ring for attention  ( his buzzer was broken).   I was in agony and I shouted for it too stop m but 2 Assistant Nurses stood laughing at me,   the second incident was when an Assistant Nurse pushed a stool in the ward with his foot,   causing me to shout and to stick my fingers in my ears.  He ignored me and done the same thing another twice,  
I have written a complaint to that Hospital but progress is very very slow. I am waiting for a meeting,  but I have very little confidence that I will get closure .    Whar I have been wondering is,   could those two incidents be classed as  Disability Hate crimes because those 8 Nurses/Assistant Nurses did know that I had Hyperacusis.  (There were 8 Nurses/Assistant Nurses involved),   and it has caused me a lot of anguish and pain.

 Has anyone any ideas on how to get redress on this matter

joe mc gahan

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Could you find another hospital? 

Could you ask your doctor to help?


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That is really disgusting. Is there a way to complain officially re such bad treatment ? Maybe it's time for the network to do some advocacy work...... ???? Donna Keddie Canada
Donna Keddie

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I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I have had similar experiences in hospitals and doctors' offices, not always easy to predict or make sense of. Sometimes it is just individuals who are thoughtless or downright sadistic, sometimes it is a problem of people who think we are making it up, and want to go about proving that our predicament is fictitious. Either way, it's best to exit ASAP if you can, try to see if there is any recourse, and, if not, don't go back.

I would like to offer some hope. Last week I came down with a very strange virus for which there has been no dx., other than URI. I was tested for strep, X-rayed for pneumonia, given nebulizers for wheezing which seemed to work. While it had nothing to do with H or T, the good news was that even with coughing, sneezing wheezing, still ongoing, my H is not so bad, and the T comes and goes, not as bad as previously. I guess time and gradual desensitization has something going for it too.

The best part of this awful virus is that I went into a pretty new walk-in urgent care center, so that all tests could be done in one place. All the doctors appeared to be around 30, all staff was young. I was about to go into my H and T explanation, when the nice PA at the desk said, "We know, don't worry." There was one tv in the waiting room. Someone went over and turned the volume down. They sat me in a quiet corner, separated for possible contagion and H. There was a tv in the exam room, which was put on "mute" before I entered the room, so that I could read the screen, which I sometimes do at home when the lawnmowers are in harmony. The doctor spoke softly. She did not ask me to give any more information than necessary. When being walked through the halls I was properly escorted for balance issues, without my asking. I didn't need my headphones.

I don't know how these angels learned all they needed to know, and how they all came together to take proper care of me as a team. I hope none of them know this from experience.

Let's hope that as word gets around there are more places like this, and that we will be treated properly each place we go. I won't mention the negative experiences I've had in the past few months. This one makes up for everything.


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