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My Hyperacusis started about 8 years ago, since 4 or 5 years I'm fine, don't have any problems with sound sensitivity and my ears doesn't hurt. There is a lot to write about my story but maybe some other time I will write it.

I have some other problems and I'm curious if somebody here have similiar.
I like boxing, running, swimming, but have problem only with boxing. After I make rapid movement by hands, rapid neck turn and rapid contract neck muscle, I have ears hurt, very similar to the hurt I had from sound. I takes about 3-7 days and it stop hurt. I had to stop practicing boxing because of that.

Have somebody similar problem and know what cause that ?

Best regards

Sorry for mistakes

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Hi Artur,

There is feedback beween somatic (body) muscles and the auditory system because of the ways the nerves are interconnected.

There have been people on this board with hyperacusis/tinnitus whose ear conditions began with a body movement.

Here is a link to one site which shows some ways body muscles can relate to pain in the ear due to compression on certain nerves.

That whole web site is pretty interesting actually, it is a martial arts site but discusses health issues to help martial artists stay well and strong.

PS. Here are more examples from this same site:

Breathing is good.

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Great websites.  Thanks! 

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