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Hello to all,

I am fairly positive coffee makes my hyperacusis worse so I will try to quit.

Some people report the same for tinnitus, others do not.

I read that in some people, caffeine withdrawal aggravates their tinnitus (perhaps this is a short-term effect).

I didn't read anything about hyperacusis (transient) increase and caffeine withdrawal.

Are there any more people whose hyperacusis is made worse by coffee/caffeine?

Is there any one who had an improvement in hyperacusis after quitting coffee and/or caffeine?

During quitting is it normal to note a transient increase in H that improves over time?

Thank you for answering!

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May I ask why you are so sure that coffee makes your hyperacusis worse? I have heard that for some it can temporarily aggravate tinnitus, but I have not heard that it can do the same for hyperacusis.

Also, how many cups of coffee a day do you drink?

stephen nagler


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Binaural -

I haven't heard anyone mention coffee made them more sensitive to sound or anyone whose hyperacusis improved after quitting caffeine.  I've gone off caffeine from time to time and noticed no change in my hyperacusis. 


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A 2015 study showed that coffee drinkers were less likely to develop tinnitus than non-coffee drinkers. I think they were averaging 3 cups a day. As for hyperacusis, I don't know, but if you think it helps, it can't hurt to try. You can expect a few headaches when you go cold turkey off caffeine, but it's not such a big deal.

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Do it!

Coffee is a stimulant. it has helped me greatly being off coffee.

A stimulant can keep you awake, set your nerves alight, create a caffeine addiction. Healthy food in, healthy body!

I doesn't hurt to try, The headaches will go after 3-4 days. Try chamomile tea or chai.



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Hello to all,

I have quit drinking coffee since 1st of January.

I would like to report that this change has a positive effect on my tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Before I was drinking quite a large amount, several espressos per day.

However, I have also been doing TRT with pink noise in the same time, so it may also be the effect of TRT.

I am fairly certain however that coffee was making things substantially worse.

I remember soon after drinking a cup, especially the second cup of the day, all sounds seemed louder.

Hope this helps.

Good luck everyone.

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Too much caffeine is not good for your soundsensivity:
1 website Chicago Balance and Dizzines center about hyperacusis : avoid stimulants such as Caffeine ...
2 TTTSyndrome by Myriam Westcott : Cut salt and caffeine ,
and also other websites recommend low consumption of caffeine for hyperacusis .
Even if your sound sensitivity is fear related like misophonia or phonofobia ...
Too much Caffeine can make fears stronger ....

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