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Acoustic guitar and hyperacusis - I'm gradually getting used to much diminished dialogue with my friends and family, but the possibility of never speaking again with my 1938 Martin acoustic is unbearable. I've been playing almost every day for 55 years. The whole idea of the wood and strings is vibration and resonance, and so my right ear freaks when I try to play, even softly. I can't hear very much, and it ain't pretty.
I know there are many musicians on this board, so until I get better, I'm hoping there is someone who knows some kind of work-around that doesn't cost a thousand dollars.

John C. Dunlap

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My situation is very similar. I am 66. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 11. It was my career. I was a songwriter in Nashville and LA. The only workaround I can offer is to get a nylon string guitar. I haven’t been able to play my Martin steel string guitar in years. But I bought a Yamaha nylon string and I find that if I strum very softly I can actually play it. At least when I am not having a flareup.

I also bought a keyboard synthesizer and some MIDI software. I can turn the volume down so incredibly low that my wife in the next room doesn’t even hear me playing.

These are not great solutions by any means. But they are something. I just can’t imagine life without playing music.


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Perhaps you can try acoustic bass guitar? I was (am) more troubled by high pitched noises than deep ones, so in three years or so that I have hyperacusis, I graduated from being able to play acoustic bass for a short time to being able to do it for long time, then moved on to electric bass, then acoustic guitar, and am currently on the electric guitar but at very very low volume and not always successful but hopefully will get back there again... Good luck and don't give up, I progressed in tiny incremental steps, and sometimes it was one step forward two steps back and still have long way to go to being able to play gigs again, but refuse to loose hope... Find something that troubles you the least to play and expose yourself gradually to more and more...Forgot to mention, it was also all with earplugs first, later without for bass, still wear musician earplugs for electric guitar or louder acoustic guitar...
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