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Came upon this and it is uplifting to know, (((( Smiles ))))

That our bodies do come with a natural built in tendency to try to heal as much as possible expecially if we give it what it needs to do so..
and knowing things are not as fixed as they use to believe they were,  but that changes can still come under bad circumstances. 
That Neuroplasticity, or the brain's ability to adapt and change through life, is gaining increased traction in medical circles.
Of what could be possible even when we feel that we have no hope left.
Not saying everything can be changed or cured 100 percent but the possibilities in some cases are endless..
And plus you never know miracles and remissions do happen in life.
We always hope for the best and see what is possible and doctors don't always have the answers for everything but our amazingly constructed bodies could hold the answer instead.
I believe besides this as well as others do,  brain health goes with body health and getting the proper nutrients and supplementation and detoxic can be a very healthy thing to do to boost this natural inner tendency the body has in trying to heal itself.
We fight off toxins in this world all the time.
And heavy metals are very damaging to the body and brain and promote free radicals and we need to take all this into consideration when our body is trying to heal up...

Take Care

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