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Hey everyone, I'm new to this board. Hope its a friendly stay

Okay so I'm 19 years old, and ever since I can remember, I've had oversensitive hearing. My mother would always have to cover my ears when I was younger if I was going to a live symphony or anything of the like. It was always just really loud for me. I had probaly 5 ear infections in my youth as well, and I didnt keep track of how many times in each ear, although I wish I had.

So heres the thing. The loudness wasnt so bad, I could deal with that, but in the past 2 years a new challenge has been thrown at me. . . I seem to have a certain tollerance level for noise, and once its been breached, my ears start to buzz, and every relatively loud noise that I hear from then on comes in muffled and buzzed. It also kind of hurts my ears at that point. Its particularly dominant in my left ear. This tollerence level is pretty low. Going to a movie, playing guitar, riding the bus while listening to music, or running the lawn mower sets it off. It also seems that once I've breached that tollerence I need at least 5 minutes of silence for my ears to recover or the buzzing wont stop.

I went to my doctor about this, and he sent me to a specialist, who told me about hyperacusis, but upon reading the home page for this site, I dont really think that quite matches up to these symptoms.

Anyone care to shed some light?




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Well I can tell you that doctor's don't know much although I'am sure your already aware of that.

I mean it's just that neuroscientists do know that many people hear more than the majority except they haven't researchered and measured it yet, so what can they do?

It seems to me that maybe you have some level of tinnitus or hyperacusis.
I'am aware that some with tinnitus also have a noise sensitivity but not many.

I know for myslef the white noise machine always helps so you may want to try that, it's only $38.00's. 

Sorry I can't be of more help, but check in every so often. 

Every diagnosis is a misdiagnosis!
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